5 Common Types of Truck Accidents

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5 Common Types of Truck Accidents


Owing to the hazardous roadways, driving faults and a few other factors, too many truck accidents occur every year. Numerous lives are lost in these accidents due to the heightened dangers associated with big rigs.   There are some common types of truck accidents that you should be aware of. Let's take a look at these in details.


A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer of a semi-truck swings out of control, forming a 90-degree angle with the tractor. This accident occurs when the drive axle brakes of the tractor-trailer lock up, thus causing the trailer to skid.   Since the driver loses control of the vehicle in this situation, it results in a rollover accident. Jackknife Accidents


Owing to the enormous sizes of the trucks, the blind spot areas are quite large. Most of these blind spots are located along the rear end and the sides of the truck.   Keep in mind that larger the size of the truck, larger will be the blind spot. It is always advisable to stay out of these areas to avoid accidents. Blind Spot Accidents


This is a type of rear-end collision where the truck driver suddenly slams on the brakes while the vehicle traveling behind it continues moving forward and becomes lodged beneath the trailer. Consequently, the smaller vehicle may get its top crushed or ripped off, thus resulting in a severe accident.   The size and weight of the truck make underride accidents fatal. Underride Accidents


The brakes of a truck may fail due to poor maintenance or improper installation. Overusage of brakes lead to overheating and with large trucks, the amount of heat generate is quite high. This may result in failure of brakes.   Apart from that, improper braking methods can also cause brake failure accidents. Brake Failure


Tire blowouts are quite common types of accidents. However, the consequences in the case of a truck's tire blowouts are extremely severe.   A tire blowout causes a truck's driver to lose control, thus resulting in collision. Tire Blowout


If you or your loved one have been victims of a truck accident, you should immediately get in touch with a competent truck accident attorney to restore justice and recover the compensation you deserve.


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