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World War 2 Lesson 4:

World War 2 Lesson 4 Engaging in the War

The War in the Pacific:

The War in the Pacific

Attack on Pearl Harbor:

Attack on Pearl Harbor D ecember 7, 1941 Japanese destroyed 20 naval vessels, including 8 battle ships. Did not destroy any aircraft carriers 2,000 US soldiers died, and 1,000 were wounded Caused the US to formally enter the War http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/pearl-harbor/videos/japanese-attack-pearl-harbor

Why were more soldiers killed than wounded at Pearl Harbor?:

Why were more soldiers killed than wounded at Pearl Harbor? In most battles there are far more wounded than dead, what was different about Pearl Harbor?

The Battle of Midway:

The Battle of Midway June 3-7, 1942 The battle of midway marked the turning point in the Pacific theater, after this battle the allies were able to mount an offensive campaign rather than a defensive one US codebreakers allowed the allies to determine the time and place of the planned attack and so were able to mount a counter ambush Japan lost all 4 heavy aircraft carriers, while the US only lost 1

Battle of Guadalcanal:

Battle of Guadalcanal August 7 1942-February 9, 1943 The battle of Guadalcanal was the first major battle of the allied offensive campaign in the Pacific. Was part of the island hopping strategy used in the pacific due to the massive number of isolated islands.

Compare and contrast the use of the Blitzkrieg and the Island Hopping strategy:

Compare and contrast the use of the Blitzkrieg and the Island Hopping strategy The two strategies are remarkably similar, in that they involve moving as quickly as possible towards your opponent what factors led to the two similar strategies?

The War in Europe:

The War in Europe

Germany Takes Poland:

Germany Takes Poland O n Sep 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland and overwhelmed the Polish army using the Blitzkrieg or “lighting War” Germany’s invasion of Poland is often perceived as the beginning of WWII. The invasion of Poland was in direct violation of the Munich Pact and prompted a military response from Great B ritain and France, where as the invasion of Czechoslovakia had not.

Germany invades France:

Germany invades France 10 May – 25 June 1940 Germany is able to bypass the Maginot Line by heading through the Netherlands rather than straight through the heavily defended French-German border Although the French army was defeated many of their troops escaped during the Dunkirk Evacuation

Why is it so important that the French troops were evacuated at Dunkirk?:

Why is it so important that the French troops were evacuated at Dunkirk? The army was defeated and the majority of their weapons were left behind, so what was their value?

Battle of Britain:

Battle of Britain July 10-October 31, 1940 The Battle of Britain is the name used to describe the aerial campaign fought between the 2500 strong German air force or Luftwaffe and the 600 strong British air force also know as the Royal Air Force or RAF Using the new invention of Radar to find the German planes, and the superior maneuverability of the Spitfire fighter the British were able to defend their island from the Germans and prevent them gaining total air superiority and therefore prevented a German invasion of Britain. Because the air war with Britain was proving too costly Germany instead turned their attention towards the Soviet Union

Germany attacks Russia:

Germany attacks Russia On June 22, 1941 the G erman army crossed into Soviet territory. This was in in spite of the Nonaggression Pact agreed upon by Hitler and Stalin. The Germans would eventually lose 800,000 men to soviet armies, scorched earth policy , and the Russian winter at the cost of 4,000,000 Soviet lives

Why did Hitler decide to attack Russia?:

Why did Hitler decide to attack Russia?

The invasion of Normandy:

The invasion of Normandy On J une 6, 1944 160,000 Allied forces invaded the German held territory of Normandy. It would take until May 8, 1945 for the Nazi’s to formally surrender, but at this point it was simply a matter of time

Why did the invasion of Normandy almost guarantee the defeat of Germany?:

Why did the invasion of Normandy almost guarantee the defeat of Germany? The Germans had already taken control of France at eh beginning of the war what was to stop them from doing it again?

Other Important Battles and Campaigns:

Other Important Battles and Campaigns North African Campaign Italian Campaign Battle of the Bulge Iwo Jima

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