How the Steering System of your Audi Works

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Audi cars are known for their advanced features and technology. The steering system of Audi cars comes integrated with a number of features which makes driving easier. The driver can easily control the car as the steering wheel is attached to the tie rod and the steering column & shaft. See the mentioned slides to know more about the working of the steering system of your Audi.


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How the Steering System of your Audi Works?


The steering system of the Audi are generally used to turn the front wheels as per your desired direction effortlessly and smoothly.


Moreover, the steering will take four rounds to turn the front wheels just a few degrees from left to right.


Most of the steering system in your Audi is constructed to allow the movements of the wheels without disturbing the suspension.


Go through the below points to know about the common steering system of your Audi for safe and smooth driving.


Steering Wheel


Among the several parts of the steering system, the steering wheel is very large in diameter, relatively thin and mostly made from hard plastic.


Modern steering wheels are padded to provide comfortable driving and attached to the ergonomic grooves to prevent the hand from slipping off the steering shaft.


It attached with a variety of components such as horn switch, music controller, paddle shifter and an airbag to protect the drivers and other people in case of a collision.


Tie rods


The tie rods are the important aspects of the steering system which transfers the power coming from the steering gear to the steering knuckle on each wheel.


It generally turns the wheel and set the car's alignment angle means when you are driving your Audi along the straight road, it will track its lines accurately.


If the wheels are out of balance, then it will cause vibrations in an Audi. During the pre-alignment of the wheels, the excessive steering's and tracking issues also arise.


Steering column and shaft


The steering column and shaft are connected to the steering wheel to reset it. They are attached to a telescope to compose two steel tubes such as the solid and hollow tube.


To absorb the vibration, the steering shaft also has a steering coupler placed at the bottom just between the steering gear and shaft.


For making your drive comfortable, the steering columns in Audi are adjustable like upward and downward adjustment or the forward and backward adjustment.


Steering arms


The steering arms are used to control the transmit function of your steering knuckles. It can transform the back and forth motions to a rotating motion by the steering knuckles.


It can more efficiently turn the car and maintain a flexible connection between the different parts of the steering linkage and distribute the load horizontally.


When the driver turns the steering wheel, the steering arm will start inside the steering column and automatically turn the steering shaft.




The steering system is the most useful and valuable component in Audi that contain some specialized feature to control the turning motion of the wheels and tires.


When it comes to handling the steering system, go through the user's manual for handling it very easily.


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