How to Recognize the Failed Fuel Pump of the Car

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The fuel pump is responsible for the transfer of fuel from the tank to the engine. This pump can malfunction and give rise to symptoms such as whining noise, a sputtering engine, engine stalling, decreased fuel efficiency, and car surging. See the mentioned slideshow to know how to recognize a failed fuel pump in your car.


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How to Recognize the Failed Fuel Pump of the Car


All the modern cars with an internal combustion engine are equipped with fuel pumps which is used for delivering the fuel from the gas tank to the engine in correct pressure.


When you turn on the keys of the car, the fuel pump of the car is activated and pressurized. It is generally mounted in the fuel tank.


Apart from this, some of the cars are equipped with inline or mechanical style fuel pump and used for supplying required fuel to the engine for moving the car.


But when the fuel pump of the car is damaged, it will cause major drivability issues and performance problems in the car.


The following points help you to recognize the failed fuel pump of your car without having any difficulties.


Whining noise


The fuel pump of the car can produce a humming sound during its normal operation, but the excessive winning noise from the tank indicate a sign of a problem.


First problem arises due to the failed fuel pump in your car is the loud whining sound. It will produce whine noise while running the car.


Sputtering engine


Many times, you will find that while driving the car constantly at high speed can suddenly cause sputtering noise from the engine before returning to normal operation.


When you found the sputtering engine in your car at high speed, then make sure that your car has a failed fuel pump.


Engine stalling


Engine stalling generally occurs in the car due to several problems, but when it happens at high temperatures it will shown in the car's thermometer.


The engine stalling in rising temperature indicate the problem with the fuel pump motor. As a result, it will deteriorate the fuel pump performance and need replacement.


Less fuel mileage


If you are filling the fuel tank of the car more frequently, then it may be the reason behind the failed or worn out fuel pump.


Due to the failed fuel pump, the valve within the fuel pump unable to open and consume more fuel than necessary to pour into the engine system.


Car surging


If irregular resistance occurs inside the fuel pump motor, then it will cause vehicle surging and need immediate replacement of fuel pump.


In car surging you will feel that the gas pedal is used. It is most probably arises in the car when the fuel pump is failing.




Besides the above points, when the fuel of the car is less than 1/4 of the fuel tank, then the fuel pump is damaged.


If you found any of the signs in your car, then inspect your car by a mechanic to determine the current condition of the fuel pump.


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