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Presentation Description’s accurate mailing lists and email marketing campaigns management and email sends tool bring innovation to the direct marketing industry. With a few easy clicks, you can find and Run email marketing campaigns from a large range of industries and levels. Getting leads has never been this easy and affordable!


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10/16/2019 Email Marketing | Email Send | Email Campaigns | Grazer Mail 1/2 0.000 My Account  Email Sent using your email list or ours  We can manage your campaigns completely from A to Z  You can opt to use our tested emails or use your own  We can assist you in creating great marketing landing pages or create your own  Your companies should be targeted to be successful  We can send marketing campaigns to individuals or Businesses  You have full control of your campaigns through our client portal  View your campaign current status hits opened and bounced  Send campaigns to real people  We have a 20 to 30 percent open rate on average  Campaigns can be sent at pre-dened scheduled dates and times  All our emails have been vetted with opt in status NO SPAM  All out pricing is for one off campaigns so NO tie in contracts or roll over costs  You choose how many when and how. Constrained only by your budget  We will assist you all the way from A to Z. No personal expertise is required  YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS® Start Free How It Works We Are Experts In Managing Email Campaigns  Send email to targeted people or businesses  We can provide our email list  Use your own email list if preferred  We can build your email templates  We can send your email campaigns Email List is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send information to multiple recipients. That allows for widespread distribution of information to many internet users. It is related also to a traditional mailing list of names and addresses as might be persist by an organization for sending publications to its members or customers.  Moreover it is the best option to help the business more effective publicize the information quickly advertising the realm of your business in the most protable and useful way which can turn your business into success.   Email Marketing the most essential option of using email is to promote products and/or services. Usually email marketing denition is the use of email to develop good communication relationships with potential customers and/or clients. Email marketing is one component of internet marketing which bound online marketing via websites social media blogs etc. It is  used to emphasize the basic speedy communication as direct messages are sent electronically via email instead of sending mail through the postal service. We Will Help You To Grow Your Business Ready To Boost Your Sales Like Your Competitors Try Our Tool For Free. Send A Free Email Campaigns Need Help Email Support Contact Us Help  Rules  Services      Real Veried Email Address List We will send your email campaigns to our own email list and it real email list and veried email address only. Read More 20-40 Guaranteed Email Open Rate From Our Email Campaigns You will get over 20-40 email open rate because we only send mail to users. Read More Guaranteed 90 Inbox Rate We will provide you 90 inbox mail send from ou server and platform. We will provide you guarante Inbox Mail. This Is Guranteed. Read More

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10/16/2019 Email Marketing | Email Send | Email Campaigns | Grazer Mail 2/2 2019 Global Business URL. ABN: 85 140 552 567

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