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Grant Barra Illinois, founder and owner at Barra & Associates is a well known team builder with strong budget and general management skills. Grant Barra Illinois is specialized in recruiting and developing sales teams and leadership. He is an expert in creating and capitalizing networks.


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 Best Sources Of Business Financing :

 Best Sources Of Business Financing Grant Barra


Sources of finance are especially for the entrepreneurs about to start a new business. It is probably the toughest part of all the efforts. There are various sources of business finance classified based on time period, ownership and control and source of generation of finance.


There are many characteristics on the basis of which sources of finance are classified. On the basis of a time period, sources are classified into: Long term, Medium term and Short term.

Long Term Sources of Finance :

Long Term Sources of Finance Share Capital or Equity Shares Preference Capital or Preference Shares Retained Earnings or Internal Accruals Debenture / Bonds Term Loans from Financial Institutes, Government, and Commercial Banks Venture Funding Asset Securitization International Financing by way of Euro Issue, Foreign Currency Loans, ADR, GDR etc.

Medium Term Sources of Finance :

Medium Term Sources of Finance Preference Capital or Preference Shares Debenture / Bonds Medium Term Loans from Financial Institutes Government, and Commercial Banks Lease Finance Hire Purchase Finance

Short Term Sources of Finance :

Short Term Sources of Finance Trade Credit Short Term Loans like Working Capital Loans from Commercial Banks Fixed Deposits for a period of 1 year or less Advances received from customers Creditors Payables Factoring Services Bill Discounting etc.


Sources of finances are categorized based on ownership and control over the business. These two guidelines are an important consideration while selecting a source of finance for the business.

Owned Capital :

Owned Capital Equity Capital Preference Capital Retained Earnings Convertible Debentures Venture Fund or Private Equity

Borrowed Capital :

Borrowed Capital Financial institutions, Commercial banks or The general public in case of debentures.


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