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Integrating WebCT with audio/video Podcasting and other tools Jean-Claude Bradley E-Learning Coordinator College of Arts and Sciences Drexel University March 30, 2006 Northeast Region WebCT Conference

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Content Assessment Interaction Discussion Board WebCT Centric Model Chat E-mail Surveys Tests Quizzes Multimedia Images Text WebCT Lecture Recording Metrics Peer review

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Content Assessment Interaction Wiki-Centric Open Courseware Model Blog E-mail Surveys Tests Quizzes Multimedia Images Text Wiki Lecture Recording podcast vodcast Workshops WebCT Games

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Integrating Learning Tools

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Does a Podcast Make a Sound if it Lives Behind a Firewall? Anyone Can do it so Someone Will do it Either be First or be Forgotten High Quality Open Courseware is Inevitable

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Barriers to Open Courseware in Higher Education Time Risk Failure Risk Intellectual Property Risk Institutional Recognition Approaches to Open Courseware in Higher Education Top-Down (CMS, formal peer-review, institutional oversight) Bottom-Up (blogs, wikis, podcasts and other RSS technologies)

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Content Assessment Interaction Blogs WebCT Games E-Learning is multi-dimensional

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Podcasting: the automatic distribution of audio files to computers or portable audio devices through a subscription system Screencasting: the delivery of audio and screen capture recordings via download or streaming media links Platform: blog Component: Content Channel: podcasting Platform: WebCT/ blog Component: Content Channel: screencasting Vodcasting: the automatic distribution of video files to computers or portable audio devices through a subscription system

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Risk Minimization in An E-Learning Migration Strategy chalkboard overheads laptop Tablet PC recording Voluntary Online quizzes Tests/exams Student feedback Student behavior procrastination OFFLINE laptop HYBRID FULLY ONLINE Paper quizzes/tests No quizzes screencast archive podcast archive CONTENT ASSESSMENT Email or survey

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Lecture Recording Process Start Camtasia Recording Teach on laptop or tablet PC as usual Stop Camtasia Recording Convert avi to Flash or Real Media Upload to Server (screencast) Modularize Podcast/Vodcast CORE OPTIONAL

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Platform: blog Component: content Channel: screencast, podcast, lecture notes Platform: blog Component: interaction Channel: comments

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Using Blogger and Feedburner to create podcasts

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Podcasting MP3s and PDFs through iTunes

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Vodcasting through iTunes with password protection (optional)

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View vodcasts on iTunes or on a video iPod

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CHEM 241 89 students CHEM 243 64 students Natural migration from F2F to screencast/podcast channels

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CHEM 241 no Drexel students in winter term Long term trends for Open Courseware RSS feeds In World Lecture Hall

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Who is using the class blog?

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Platform: blog Component: interaction Channel: FAQ, comments

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Platform: blog Component: assessment Channel: post assignments

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Platform: blog Component: interaction (student-student) Channel: advice in blog post

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Feedback-Intensive Teaching Strategy using WebCT Voluntary Quizzes Test Automatic Make-up Review in workshops Platform: WebCT Component: Assessment Channel: Quiz

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Correlation of procrastination with performance One day procrastinated = 5% drop in score Platform: WebCT Component: Assessment Channel: Quiz

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Replication of the Bottom-Up Model: Michelle Francl at Bryn Mawr

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The Game Platform: The EduFrag Project Assessment Content Interaction Quizzes in a 3-D world The Study Room Student-Student Collaboration or Competition Instructor Guided Tours First Person Shooter Modding (Unreal Tournament)

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EduFrag Design Modularity Simplicity Quiz-Based – Not Simulation Portability of textures Flexible gameplay modes: non-competitive maze, race, deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, etc. Even in competitive play gore level can be adjusted for each player

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Platform: game (Unreal Tournament) Component: content, assessment Channel: quiz questions on walls Platform: game (Unreal Tournament) Channel: chat, body gestures Component: interaction

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The EduFrag Wiki and Blog: Open Source Collaboration

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Platform: game (Wheel of Orgo), blog Component: interaction, content, assessment Channel: Tablet PC, F2F

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MakeGames: The Class that Didn’t Run

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Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Open Courseware and RSS

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Take-home message Think in terms of multiple channels and platforms to meet your teaching objectives http://drexel-coas-elearning.blogspot.com http://drexel-coas-talks-mp3-podcast.blogspot.com http://edufrag.blogspot.com Bottom-up open courseware strategies have an important role to play in global education

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