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Specforce Abs Handbook PDF Review The SpecForce Alpha System

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The Only Tactical Fitness System Created By a Real-Life Operator For a Year Round Alpha-Male Physique Status Confidence Without The Punishing Special Forces Lifestyle Remember even though I’m now the leader of an elite SWAT team and recognized as one of the top tactical fitness experts in the world Im really no different than you: Im just a guy who was forced to find a really effective System… Without the system: I was no stronger no more manly and no more attractive than any other guy on the street… And now the same system available for the first time to guys outside the secretive special forces community is allowing regular guys like you and me to…

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• Jack up the male sex hormones that are scientifically proven to SIGNAL to women and other men that YOU are the dominant male… • Develop big rock hard and steely strong arms and shoulders without spending hours in the gym or ending up with a puffy bodybuilder physique… • Have confidence walking into any room knowing your Alpha Shape™ will command respect and admiration… • And finally leave behind the feeling of being “less of a man”… So you can take control of building the strong powerful lean physique you deserve…

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Again this is the System I used to go from depressed skinny-fat and directionless… to a ripped rock-hard Alpha Male leader of one of the most elite SWAT units in the world. Yet I must warn you… This is NOT for everyone: If all you’re looking for is another generic muscle building plan… one you already know only leads to a puffy unimpressive body if it works at all… Or if you can’t handle a few short yet very TOUGH workouts each week… and let’s be honest if you can’t you don’t deserve to have an Alpha Male body… If that’s you then SpecForce Alpha is not for you… This system is the real deal… Straight from the trenches… Created and used by authentic real life special operators…

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It’s tough… And it’s only for men who are ready to finally put away the silly workout gimmicks useless expensive supplements and dumb sissy diets for good… It is definitely NOT another phoney “Black Ops” workout designed by some Lululemon sponsored personal trainer who has no idea what it’s like to be a special operator… So if YOU want the real deal… A program designed by a legit operator and recognized tactical fitness expert then SpecForce Alpha isn’t just “A” system for you it’s the ONLY system for you… Inside the SpecForce Alpha program you’ll discover covert muscle building and fat loss secrets like… • The exact 7-day training cycle responsible for the year-round rock hard physiques of

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virtually every special forces operator around the globe… • The stealth Target Focused Muscle™ technique that forces ripped muscle growth quickly using your own bodyweight… • The precise set and rep scheme to dramatically increase your natural Growth Hormone production that quickly accelerates fat loss… • Exactly what and when to eat based on your personal Marcronutrient Profile to keep your testosterone levels optimal… • …Including why it’s fine to drink beer and eat manly foods like burgers and pizza without sacrificing your physique or performance… • 2 spec ops mindset and focus “shifting” techniques to instantly make you look act and even think like an Alpha Male… • Detailed video coaching on the perfect execution of every single fat burning muscle building exercise in the SpecForce Alpha arsenal…

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• Exactly how to build the kind of functional strength spec ops guys use to lift loads as much as 9 times their bodyweight… Without ever stepping foot in a gym… • What you need to be doing before every workout in order to get an optimal boost in your male sex hormones in the hours after the workout… Almost every man messes this up… Download Specforce Abs pdf click here

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