Career in Pharmacovigilance For Bright Future

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This career option in the field of pharmacovigilance is suitable for the students that have a science background


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Career in Pharmacovigilance For Bright Future What is Pharmacovigilance • The study of the short and long term efects of medicines on individuals is known as Pharmacovigilance.

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• Why should the students opt for Pharmacovigilance as their career optons • Pharmacovigilance as a career opton is an excellent choice for the pharmacy graduates. Pharmacovigilance is that branch of science because of which the drugs that we consume are mostly safe.

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• Objectve of PG Diploma in pharmacovigilance • The objectve of the course in Post Graduate Diploma In Pharmacovigilance is to develop the candidates in such a way so that they become experts in e in monitoring the adverse efects of the medicines which are released in the market and also to establish the safety of the medicines

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