Things You Didn’t Know About Graduation Day

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Graduation day is a lifetime experience, so keep aside all the odds and cherish the moments you get to spend with your peers and teachers in the university. Choose the best Master Degree Cap And Gown here.


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slide 1: 1 Things You Didn ’t Know About Graduation Day Time for graduating college and entering the real world now that calls for a celebration. Universities organize graduation days to bid goodbye to the peers. So your graduation day is close and your mind is boggling with all the questions regarding graduation day and what happens after graduation. People think graduation day is all about wearing the best dress in your wardrobe clicking a lot of pictures and throwing caps in the air. But this is not the case graduation day is about a lot more than just this. From deciding what to wear for your graduation day to choosing the right color of the robe graduation day may leave you overwhelming with all the decision making. Have a Look at The List of Things You Can Expect on Your Graduation Day: 1. Not all graduation gowns look the same

slide 2: 2 The colors of the graduation gowns differ depending on the universities and the degree you are graduating from. For instance and Ph.D. gowns have more masters graduation gowns extravagant designs. These robes also differ as per universities. So you are going to have to choose the robe according to that. 2. Robes are not for women The tradition of wearing graduation gowns is there from generations ever since women did not go to colleges. But now we are past that time. Centuries have passed and robes were never considered to redesign in order to fit women. So most women generally feel uncomfortable all day. This means you should always prefer wearing a shorter length dress which you can carry around with your long baggy robes on your graduation day.

slide 3: 3 3. Carry a lot of safety pins along with you The university colored stoles don ’t already come with the gowns you have to wear it separately around your shoulder. And to ensure that it doesn ’t fall off your shoulder you have to attach it with safety pins a lot of safety pins can do the job right. You can ’t let your university stole spoil your historical picture make sure you tie the stole carefully to go about the day comfortably. 4. Being nervous is natural Nervousness is quite natural for the graduation day you have to walk up the stage to receive a reward for your 2-3 years of dedication in the university. Although you cannot see it you have to believe that everyone is feeling nervous. All your peers are experiencing this for the first time you are allowed to feel a little nervousness during the process. 5. Everything gets done pretty quickly

slide 4: 4 It takes days for the prep when it comes to your graduation day but once it is finished it ’s done so quickly you will hardly realize how quick it just got off. You would be surprised to know how fast it all gets finishes and all the efforts for may choosing perfect masters gradation gown seem to be going in vain. But trust us it will all be worth it the pictures you click that day will hang on the walls of your houses for years to come. You will feel proud of yourself looking at the pictures and it will also bring all the memories back leaving you all nostalgic of your good old college days. 6. You don ’t get an actual degree So universities do not distribute the actual degree during the commencement. The piece of paper they hand you at the end of the conveyor belt is not your degree but an IOU instead. Since preparing the degrees with correctly written information on it takes weeks of efforts you receive your degrees a few weeks later your graduation day. And you don ’t have to feel bad about this at least your degree doesn ’t get creased or bent during the process. 7. You ’re not supposed to wear your mortarboard the whole time Yes That ’s a little disappointing we get it. But you are not allowed to wear that cap all the time throughout the ceremony. You might have noticed this in the pictures of the actual ceremony no one is wearing their graduation caps. You aren ’t allowed to put them on until the end of the ceremony when instructed to do so. So it is often recommended only to put it on when the chancellor instructs it. Also style your hair simple that day for easy headwear removal. 8. You can expect thank-you speeches

slide 5: 5 Graduation day is the last day of college people are likely to share their experiences and the head student is generally chosen to give a vote of thanks speech. It again varies depending on universities that who is allowed to deliver speeches yet generally all the students get the freedom to go up on stage and share their experiences and feelings. 9. You get to have a very little time with your family Since it is your day you are going to have to keep walking around a lot getting over the stage meeting the chancellor vice-chancellor and other staff members and meeting your college friends peers and batchmates. You are going to be meeting them for the last time on the same campus. You might have to take care of a few arrangements during the whole ceremony.

slide 6: 6 Summary Eventually have fun and make the most out of this day for the graduation day is not going to come back. It is once in a lifetime experience so keep aside all the odds and cherish the moments you get to spend with your peers and teachers in the university. Contact Us Phone no +44 0117 428 1222 Email

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