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Geography Population- 51.5 million. Capital city London. Longest river in England River Thames 346km. Highest mountain-Scafell Pike 978m.

Ancient History:

Ancient History Stonehenge is probably the most important prehistoric monument in Britain and has attracted visitors from earliest times. The stone circle was constructed about 2150BC out of 82 Bluestones. Hadrian's Wall was built in AD122 by order of the Emperor Hadrian. The Wall is 73 miles (or 80 Roman miles) long and is the largest Ancient Monument in northern Europe.

History :

History 1532 King Henry Vlll established the Church of England. 1540 Queen Elizabeth the first crowned Queen of England and Ireland. 1580 Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe. 5 th November 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to assassinate King James in the houses of Parliament. We celebrate this event with fireworks every year.


History 1607 Sir Walter Raleigh founded English colony of Virginia in America. 1611 King James Bible published. 1616 William Shakespeare dies. 1666 Great Fire of London.


History 1721 Sir Robert Walpole first Prime Minister. 1829 First railway built by George Stephenson. 1837 Queen Victoria crowned Queen of Britain. 1877 Queen Victoria became Empress of India. Her Empire included Canada, Australia, New Zealand and large parts of Africa. She died in 1901.


Castles There are lots of castles in England. Bamburgh Castle is in the North East. Leeds Castle in Kent. Some castles still have jousting tournaments.


Cathedrals Lots of cities have cathedrals. Liverpool has two cathedrals, an Anglican and a Roman Catholic. Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest spire. Coventry Cathedral was damaged during WW ll and a new cathedral was added to the old one.

The Queen. :

The Queen. Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State of the United Kingdom and 15 Commonwealth Countries. Queen Elizabeth was crowned on 2 nd June 1953 at Westminster Abbey. The Guards on duty at Buckingham Palace. The Queen at the State opening of Parliament.

The Queens Residences. :

The Queens Residences. Buckingham Palace in London. Balmoral Castle in Scotland where she spends the summer. Sandringham House in Norfolk where she spend Christmas. Windsor Castle near London is her official residence.

The Royal Family:

The Royal Family The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have 4 children. Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Prince Charles has 2 sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince Charles will be the King after Queen Elizabeth. Prince William will marry Kate Middleton on 29 th April 2011.

The British Government.:

The British Government. The Houses of Parliament is where the House of Commons and House of Lords are situated. MPs, Lords and the Queen work together to make and change the laws of the United Kingdom. Parliament also checks the work of the government.

House of Commons:

House of Commons In a democracy like the UK, citizens elect other citizens to make decisions about how the country should be governed. Every MP in the House of Commons got his or her place by winning an election in their area of the country, called a 'constituency'. David Cameron is the Prime Minister. Ed Miliband is Leader of the Opposition.


London London is the capital city of England. It has a population of 7.5 million people.

Other cities.:

Other cities. Liverpool and Manchester are famous for their football teams. Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United and Manchester City. The Beatles came from Liverpool.


Food England has a diverse multicultural society and lots of different foods are available. Traditional English food includes; roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, full English breakfast. There are lots pf different regional foods as well. We drink a lot of tea and like biscuits with it. Cakes are also very popular including scones and crumpets.


Universities. Oxford and Cambridge are the most famous universities in England and the world. Every year Oxford and Cambridge take part in a boat race down the River Thames. Most cities have their own universities which has specialist subjects according to where they are in the country.


Sport There are lots of different sports played in England. Cricket, Football, Rugby are probably played and watched by most people. There are lots of horse racing events throughout the year. Cycling, athletics, swimming and diving are sports that we have produced Olympic Gold medal winners.

Music :

Music England has produced many top bands and singers who are well known all over the world. The Beatles, Take That, The Who, Queen, Robbie Williams, Spice Girls and many more.


Writers Probably the most famous English writer is William Shakespeare. He is considered by many to be the greatest playwright of all time. He wrote 43 plays and numerous poems and sonnets. Jane Austen and Charles Dickens were also well known authors.

Children’s books.:

Children’s books. There are so many children’s books to choose from. Here are some of our favourites. Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Paddington by Michael Bond. Winnie the Pooh by Charlie and the chocolate factory and many others by Roal Dahl. Thomas the Tank Engine by Rev Audry. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Jacqueline Wilson has written over 90 children’s books. Tracy Beaker is one of her famous characters who has her own television series.

The Lake District:

The Lake District





The End.:

The End. Pages selected by the Comenius group who have been meeting each lunchtime. We hope you enjoy our introduction to England.

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