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WHITE – for Our Freedom GREEN – For The Beautiful Nature RED – for All Those , Who Died for the Honor of the Country

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Bulgaria is located on the way between Western Europe and the Orient . Its geographical position is of great importance to the economics and international relations .

History :

History The territory of Bulgaria has been inhabited since the earliest historical times. The historical heritage of the country is related to the culture of the Ancient Thracia. After the collapse of the Roman Empire today’s Bulgarian land was included in the borders of the Byzantine Empire.

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Bulgaria still remembers the revolutionaries , who gave their lives for the freedom of the nation. Songs are written for them , legends are told , their braveness is admired. Vasil Levski Hristo Botev Georgi Rakovski

Historical Heritage ::

Historical Heritage : Treasures from the ancestors… - The Treasure of Vulchitrun The treasure found in Panagiurishte -

Powers ::

Powers : Georgi Parvanov – President of the Republic ,reelected in 2006 . - The Parliament controls the legislative power and represents the citizens .

Language : :

Language : BULGARIAN is : the 2 nd most difficult language in the world ; the oldest of the Slavonic languages ; codificated with 32 letters

Literature :

Literature Bulgarian literature is literature written by Bulgarians or residents of Bulgaria, or written in the Bulgarian language; usually the latter is the defining feature. Bulgarian literature is said to be one of the oldest among the Slavic peoples, having its roots during the late 9th century and the times of Simeon I of the First Bulgarian Empire.

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After the second World War Bulgarian literature fell under the control of the Communist Party and, particularly in the early years, was required to conform to the Stalinist style called "Socialist realism". The indisputable father of Bulgarian literature is Ivan Vazov (1850-1921). His masterpiece "Under the Yoke" narrates about the life and struggle of the Bulgarian people against the Turkish oppressors.


Geography Geographically and in terms of climate, Bulgaria features a notable diversity with the landscape ranging from the Alpine snow-capped peaks in Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains to the mild and sunny Black Sea coast; from the typically continental Danubian Plain (ancient Moesia) in the north to the strong Mediterranean climatic influence in the valleys of Macedonia and in the lowlands in the southernmost parts of Thrace.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter on one place ::

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter on one place :

Summer Resorts::

Summer Resorts:


Mountains The mountainous southwest of the country has two alpine ranges — Rila and Pirin — and further east stand the lower but more extensive Rhodope Mountains. The Rila range includes the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula, Musala, at 2,925 meters; the long range of the Balkan mountains runs horizontally through the middle of the country, north of the famous Rose Valley.

Winter Resorts::

Winter Resorts:

Skiing , Anyone ? :

Skiing , Anyone ? Bulgarian mountains keep in secret legends of old - time battles and Gods. The myth of Orpheus , who lived in the Rhodopes is world-famous.






Lakes Rila and Pirin feature around 260 glacial lakes; the country also has several large lakes on the Black Sea coast and more than 2,200 dam lakes. Many mineral springs exist, located mainly in the south-western and central parts of the country along the faults between the mountains.


Rivers A s a country rich in water resources, Bulgaria has a large number of rivers that are divided into several regions depending on their mouth's location. The longest river that Bulgaria has a bank on is the Danube (2,888 km), which spans most of the country's northern border. The longest one to run through the country (and also the deepest) is the Maritsa (480 km), while the longest river that runs solely in Bulgaria is the Iskar (368 km).


POPULATION: The Bulgarian nation is of the eldest ones on the lands of Europe. It still keeps many traces in characters and vision from the ancestors. Even that a lot of other nations had passed through the territory of the country . Thus a mixture of religions and ethnic groups were formed . Religion group % Bulgarian Orthodox 8 5 .6% Muslim 12.2% Catholic 1.2% Jewish 1 %

Education ::

Education : There’s a variety of all kinds of schools and universities. A man can express himself in many aspects , may be at the : Technical University, National Academy of Fine Arts, National Academy of Dramatic and Film Arts, University of National and World Economy, University of Architecture and etc .

Great Diversity of Nature ::

Great Diversity of Nature : 378 km Sea Coastline with fine sand beaches; 16 mountains, 8 over 1700 m sea level; Over 550 large mineral springs; Healthy climate; Various flora and fauna.

The Rose Valley ::

The Rose Valley : The Rose Valley is located in South-Eastern Bulgaria , below the huge Old Mountain. There are grown the oil-breading roses. Their oil is popular all over the world – used in perfume cosmetic and food industries .

Town - museums::

Town - museums: Many towns still keeps their old-traditional appearance . It’s easy to feel the breath of the atmosphere of the

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Some towns and even small villages are turned into museums and they always remind of their rich history .

Modern towns :

Modern towns

Bulgarian Folklore:

Bulgarian Folklore Bulgarian music is part of the Balkan tradition, which stretches across Southeastern Europe, and has its own distinctive sound. Traditional Bulgarian music has had more international success than its neighbors due to the breakout international success of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, a woman's choir that has topped world music charts across Europe and even farther abroad.

National Bulgarian Meals:

National Bulgarian Meals

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