Barthes code – The hermeneutic code

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Barthes code – The hermeneutic code:

Barthes code – The hermeneutic code

What is the hermeneutic code?:

What is the hermeneutic code? The hermeneutic code refers to any aspect of the story, our in our case opening title sequence, that is not fully explained thus it becomes a mystery to the reader. Examples of this are; Snare – deliberately avoiding the truth Equivocations – partial or incomplete answers Jammings – openly acknowledge that there is no answer to a problem.

The effect of hermeneutic code:

The effect of hermeneutic code The purpose of this is to keep the audience guessing, arresting the enigma, until the final scenes when all is revealed and all loose ends are tied off and closure is achieved.

Applying the hermeneutic code :

Applying the hermeneutic code For our opening title sequence, the purpose of it is to introduce the film that follows it. Thus we do not want to give everything away so they continue to watch the film. We use a variety of equivocations such as the audience not knowing why the dream at the beginning is important and them not knowing who they are selling the diamonds to, illegally. A snare is also included which is that opening title sequence deliberately avoids the matter of why the two gangsters are trading diamonds illegally. All these factors entice the audience to continue to watch the film Incertitude which follows our opening title sequence.

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