Top 6 Sports That are Played in Germany: Most Popular Sports

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There are numerous sports that are popular in the Germany. This presentation throws the light on top 6 sports that are played in Germany.


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Top 6 Sports Most Popular Sports That are Played in Germany:

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1.Soccer or Football This is the most popular sport in the Germany as tens of thousands of individuals attend matches every week . Some of world's top clubs teams play here like Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich . It is enjoyed by youngsters at school as well as through thousands of mini leagues.

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2. Handball It was originated in Northern Europe and popular throughout the Germany. This Germany's 'second sport' after football after football. The German Handball League is one of the best in the world . Germany’s most celebrated handball player of all time remains to be Stefan Kretzschmar .

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3 . Basketball This is another popular game in the Germany . Detlef Schrempf and Dirk Nowitzki have made a big career in the US NBA. Atmosphere at these games is electric and easy to get hold of tickets. The aforementioned Dirk Nowitzki is by far the most famous basketball player from Germany.

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4. Skiing This is the game most of the locals choose to watch . Popular resorts are found close to the biggest German mountain, die Zugspitze. Markus Wasmeiere , who won two gold medals at the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer .

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5 . Tennis It has always been Germany's national game since 1990s when Boris Becker and Steffi Graf were dominated the world stage. Big tennis events from around the world are also broadcast in Germany. Interest in tennis as a participation sport remains high, and residents in Germany .

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6. Cycling Cycling is another game is played in the Germany in terms of competitions and also in the term of participation. This is a leisure pastime game means to explore some of the country's beautiful landscapes. There numerous dedicated cycle trails in Germany like the Baltic Coast Cycle Trail and the Elbe Cycle Route.

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