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Importance of verification of events before Registeration of Birth and Deaths by Birth and Death Registrars


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BORN AGAIN Long back near Thoothukudi in a shore village one death of fisher man was registered in the name VINCENT RAJ aged 35 years. A medical practitioner issued cause of death certificate as respiratory arrest due to drowning. On production of death certificate the family got certain monetary benefit from the Government. The wife of Vincent Raj remarried with a close relative of her after six months. One day early morning Vincent Raj came alive to the village and met his friend. They shared the information after his missing while fishing six months ago. On knowing the information of his wife’s remarriage he committed suicide. Discuss the faults Suggest remedies


A CASE OF AN INSURANCE CO. A death occurred in a tuck accident took place near Warangal in Andra Pradesh. As the diseased belonged to Omalur town of Salem district whose relatives brought the body to his native and cremated. The Registrar at Omalur registered the death. Insurance was claimed and the necessary documents were produced. On verification insurance company had a doubt about the death and came to know that the death occurred in Andra Pradesh. Based on the evidences collected the insurance company filed a cheating case against the family members. Discuss the fault Suggest remedies


HURRY FATHER A male baby was born in a private nursing home at Thirumangalam on 12-12-06 and the mother was discharged from the hospital on 15-12-06. The father gave information about the birth to the Registrar at Thirumangalam in order to get birth certificate atonce and the same was issued to him. Discuss the fault Suggest remedies


ARROGANT MURDER Five years ago a trunk box was unloaded by a porter from the top of the bus at Vellore busstand which came from Ambur. None of the passengers claimed as owner of the box. In the evening the porter smelt it badly and informed the police. They opened the box and to the surprise it was 4 pieces of an adult man. Discuss about the place of registration and by whom it should be reported


CONFUSING ANNAMALAI Annamalai was murdered and the body was found in a village A whereas the head was found in a another village B panchayats. Who could be the right Registrar?


PURCHASE OF AN ORPHAN’S HOUSE An orphan died on 22-5-2002 at Ilayangudi whose death was not registered. She sold a house in the year 1977 and one in 1985. She was an old Age Pensioner up to her death. She had her name in the Voters list prepared for the 1999. A fellow produced her death certificate as it was registered in the year 1975 record and the purchaser was issued a lawyer notice, as the document made in the year 1977 is in valid. Discuss the fraudulent actions done Suggest Remedies

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