Women In Saudi Arabia

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Women In Saudi Arabia:

Women In Saudi Arabia Written by: Sasha And Kostya


History People started coming into Saudi Arabia in 4000 to 2000 B.C. It has the oldest religion called Islam, which is the second oldest religion every existing right now.

Rights of Women in Saudi Arabia:

Rights of Women in Saudi Arabia Women can only take their Burka, a full body cloak or robe worn by women, off when they are around their husbands, brothers, Uncles, Father in laws, Grandkids, and fathers. Women are not allowed to drive, go outside without their male guardian.

Women’s Rights Cont.:

Women’s Rights Cont. Women are not allowed to play sports or watch sports being played. They are also not allowed to vote or make any governmental choices. Riding a bike is restricted in Saudi Arabia as well as driving a car.

Video Example:

Video Example


Advocacy Since it’s foundation in Riyadh in 1965,UNDP has acted as a development partner to the Saudi Government, in strong partnership with civil society and in response to the nations development needs.

Compare And Contrast:

Compare And Contrast Both have really unfair rights. They both lack access to education. None of them have enough rights to stand up and tell people why they don’t like something. The Logan's are not forced to wear certain clothing. DISCRIMINATION based on gender rather then skin color.


Conclusion Women don’t have a lot of rights Men have more rights than women People are not always fair People want more power over others Few women can attend school The strict religious laws are also the laws of the country

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