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GOYUM SCREW PRESS Manufacturer Exporter of oil mill machines oil extraction plant oil refinery plant. You can find us at 2

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INTRODUCTION Sunflower is the world‘s fourth largest oil-seed crop and its seeds are used as food and its dried stalk as fuel. Sunflower oil is used in salad dressings for cooking and in the manufacturing of margarine and shortening. Sunflower is used in industry for making paints and cosmetics. In some countries the oilcake that is left after the oil extraction is used as livestock feed. It is a clear bright yellow-gold liquid with a pleasant and mild taste. 3

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In order to get high quality sunflower oil various processing techniques are used. The process of obtaining oil from seeds involves: ❏ Seed Cleaning ❏ Cooking Conditioning ❏ Oilseed Pressing ❏ Crude Oil Filtration Steps to Extract Sunflower Oil 4

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SEED CLEANING The first step in preparing them for oil extraction is to clean them. Cleaning is done by seed cleaner machine which removes foreign materials - stones sand dirt and spoilt seeds. Dry screening technique is often used to remove all material that is over or undersized. Buy Seed Cleaner Machine 5

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Cooking Heating In this step for preparing the raw material for oil extraction. Heating leads to increased oil yield. Heating helps in killing those enzymes present in the plant tissue which have a deteriorating effect on oil quality. Moreover if oilseed cake is to be used for feed or feed heating is useful as it increases protein availability. 6

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Oil Extraction During processing the conditioned oilseeds is pressed using a mechanical oil expeller to remove the oil. Buy Oil Expeller Machines 7

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Oil Filtration Filtration of crude oil to remove solids / foots in order to obtain clean oil for further processing. Buy Filter Press Machine 8

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THANKS Any questions Regarding sunflower oil mill plant You can contact us at: 10

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