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Know why it is a good idea to hire winter semester interns and discover how we can help you interview them quickly and conveniently. Read more from this blog.


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How To Hire Winter Semester  Interns  How to Interview Them    With the holidays quickly approaching the following is becoming very clear to you:  ● You’re horrified you’ll pick the wrong gift for your significant other don’t                         worry we all are  ● The single greatest holiday movie ever is Home Alone we’ll accept a few                           others if this isn’t yours

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● Your employees are losing interest in work with each week that passes as we                             draw closer to New Years.    We feel you on the first two points but let’s chat a bit about the third.    The end of the year is a time to reflect. And by reflect I guess we mean not work at all                                           because that’s basically what happens for most people. Don’t get us wrong; the break                             is fantastic and probably needed. Your employees need their time to recharge and plan                             for the New Year.    But what if you could hire motivated and eager folks this time of year  The solutions  Winter semester interns.  Why Winter Semester Interns  Let us first start by saying the following. If you’re company that doesn’t currently have                               or never had an internship program then the winter semester is probably not best for                               you. You’ll want to have a tried and tested process and a training system that allows for                                   minimal on­site training.  For everyone else please continue reading  The Winter semester usually runs just before Mid December through the middle of                           January. It’s the time when your people are most disconnected from work. It’s the                             perfect time to bring on an interested and eager intern who can take a few tasks off your                                     plate to keep the momentum moving in the right direction.

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What Would Their Responsibilities Be  Well you’re clearly not handing off all of the work your Director of Marketing was in                                 charge of but what are some of the other activities that they can help with We have                                   two ideas to start with:  1. Research: Interns are made for research. Have them research                   tools that your business can benefit from. Or maybe they could                       research potential clients for your business enabling your sales                   team to hit the ground running in the New Year. Every business                         can benefit from research…why not let your intern do it.  2. Database Management/Data Entry: Again all businesses have this                 on some level. Just be sure you can quickly train them on the                           system.  3. Content Creation: College students will have just came off a long                       semester of projects and presentations. Use their fresh creative                   minds to your advantage. You can task them with a competitive                       analysis project and have it present to your team. You can also                         create videos testimonials of their internship experiences on easy                   tools like Vimeo. This will be great to post on your career website                           and social media and for employer branding campaigns.  You’ll know which areas will be most beneficial for both the intern and your company.                               Go with that direction and make sure to be fair in expectations of the intern.                               Remember they’re learning.

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How To Interview Winter Semester Interns  Given that you’d want to hire the interns while they’re still finishing up their fall semester                                 it is important to be able to interview them quickly and conveniently. WePow’s                           pre­recorded video interviewing tool gives you the power to reach awesome candidates                         anywhere at anytime. You can record interviews question then send it out to a list of                                 candidates you already have in mind or even post the interview link on your company’s                               social media page Candidates can easily take the interview with their smart phone or                             tablet. You’ll get to sit back and review all of the awesome candidates at one time. Easy                                   as pie  mmm we can smell those thanksgiving deserts already.  Oh and one last tip If you find you have a superstar intern on your hand you can                                     choose to extend them for the Spring semester if it all works in their schedule.

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