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A Seminar On:

A Seminar On 2 M.ANUSHA 1011104 Haptic Technology


OUTLINE Definition Introduction Technology Working Haptic devices Applications Advantages & Disadvantages Conclusion 3


DEFINITION ‘Haptics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘haptikos’ which means-”being able to come into contact with” THE SENCE OF TOUCH 4


INTRODUCTION Haptics, is the technology of adding the sense of touch and feeling to computers. A haptic device gives people a sense of touch with computer-generated environments, so that when virtual objects are touched, they seen real and tangible. Understanding and enabling a compelling experience of Presence not limited to "being there", but extended to "being in touch" with remote or virtual surroundings 5


TECHNOLOGY Haptic interactions can be categorized into the different types of touch sensations a user can receive: Tactile feedback Force feedback 6

Tactile feedback:

Tactile feedback Refers to the sensations felt by the skin. It allows the user to feel things such as the texture of surfaces, temperature and vibration. 7

Force feedback:

Force feedback It reproduces the directional forces that can result from solid boundaries. E.g. the weight of virtual objects, etc. 8

How it Works ?:

How it Works ? 9

Haptic Feedback:

Haptic Feedback 10 The application’s main elements are: 1) The simulation engine 2) Visual, auditory, and haptic rendering algorithms 3) Transducers

Haptic Rendering:

Haptic Rendering 11

Classification of Haptic Devices:

Classification of Haptic Devices Virtual reality/ Telerobotics based devices i ) Exoskeletons and Stationary device ii) Gloves and wearable devices iii) Point-sources and Specific task devices iv) Locomotion Interfaces Feedback devices i ) Force feedback devices ii) Tactile displays 12

Exoskeletons :

Exoskeletons large and immobile systems that the user must attach him or herself to. their large size and immobile nature allow for the generation of large and varied force information. 13

Gloves and wearable devices:

Gloves and wearable devices The user can move naturally without being weighted down by a large exoskeleton or immobile device 14

Point-sources and Specific task devices:

Point-sources and Specific task devices Single point of contact Specialized for performing a particular task. Restricts the device to perform few functions 15

Locomotion Interface and full body force feedback:

Locomotion Interface and full body force feedback In a confined space, simulate unrestrained human mobility such as walking and running for virtual reality. 16


PHANTOM DEVICE D eveloped by sensable technologies. Provides 3D touch 17

Working of Phantom:

Working of Phantom The dc motor assembly is mainly used for converting the movement of the finger into a corresponding virtual movement. 18

Cyber glove:

Cyber glove The segments of the glove are made of aluminum and can withstand high charges; total weight does not surphase 350 grams. 19

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contd… Adapted to different size of the fingers Located on the back of the hand Offers complete security 20


APPLICATIONS Surgery Military Applications Mobiles Removal of lens segment Games & many more… 21

Surgical Simulation:

Surgical Simulation Visual and haptic feedback is sent to the surgeon through endoscopic cameras and force sensors located on surgical tool. 22

Military Applications:

Military Applications Flight simulators accurate simulation of real events in a safe, controlled environment Gives user haptic feedback 23




Disadvantages Expensive Haptic interfaces can only exert forces with limited magnitude and not equally well in all directions haptic device position sensors have finite resolution. 25


CONCLUSION The next important step towards realistically simulated environments that have been envisioned by science fiction authors and futurists alike. Large potential for applications in critical fields as well as for leisurely pleasures. Haptic devices must be miniaturized so that they are lighter, simpler and easier to use. 26

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