5 mistakes we make during casual dress up

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We all desire to prep up in a chic way; this guideline is highlighting the essential tips of dressing up by telling us what we have to minimize in order to be a fast-forward fashionista. Next time, you head to shopping for the casual stuff; you will know what has to be picked and what has to be dropped.


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5 mistakes we make during casual dress up:

5 mistakes we make during casual dress up Casual dress up is primarily about looking and feeling your best by the means of poising your style and comfort. Dressing up fashionably by keeping up with your comfort level is an artistic skill. While, creating a fashion statement it is no big deal to make a fashion flub. Everyone, even celebrities at least once in their life must have failed by making a fashion faux pas. This article acts as a guideline consisting of the ways to skip such blunders while prepping up for a casual event.

The choice of colors:

The choice of colors Black, Grey, Brown, White… Enough of the neutral hues until you are turning 50 this year! Currently there is an array of refined feminine pastels colors and neon shades which are a major spring trend. If you’re young, you have a chance to dress colorful casual dresses, why miss it? Keep your ‘hot black’ for the later on. Pick a color that flatters your skin tones the most and help you be vivacious and fabulous.

Excessively decked shoes:

Excessively decked shoes We all have our specific tastes when it comes to ‘shoe shopping’. There is an array of shoes stretching from loafers, flip flops to trainers and kitten heels to set off with the casual look. Never go for a glittery, stone-studded pair of slippers which are for the party/formal wear. They portray lack of sophistication and are a complete ‘sweetie no’; they are often less comfortable as well. Plain glossy, pointed pumps are a fairly appropriate choice.

Stuff to avoid: :

Stuff to avoid: There are certain grotesque fashion mistakes such as wearing Socks with sandals’ that are to be totally circumvented. Cropped wide-legs capris are on the list as well they cut off your leg line by making your legs appear shorter and make you look squatty. Also, avoid dressing up in a same tone from head to toe until you are deciding to be a hipster.

Oversized Clothes:

Oversized Clothes We know how cozy can they feel but the amount of swag we perceived they carry has lessened with time. For a smart look, your clothing should never be too tight or too lose; it should flatter your body. A lose dress can make you look larger (trust me, you don’t want it) while on the other hand, a fitted outfit might highlight your feature more than they actually should. Keep the comfort zone and style in mind while dressing up casually.

Funky jewelry:

Funky jewelry yes, I love jewelry and all that funky accessories too. The studded clutches, gigantic earring, bedazzling bracelets and cocktails rings but let’s keep them for the night parties and formal events. Such funky jewelry and accessories are absolutely unacceptable for a perfect causal look. Instead go for one-stone ear studs, plain hair bands and single pendant necklaces that are not that showy and shiny.

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