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INTRODUCTION • In this competitive market there is need of online presence of your business. Globally growth of the businessis thedemand of todaysmarket. • Boost your business growth with online presence of yourwebsite. • Choose the right hosting according to the demand of yourbusiness

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ABOUT WEB HOSTING • Web Hosting is the service which make your website visible totheworld wide. • Hosting is available for smaller enterprises as well as largerenterprises. • A good web hosting company provides secure and relaiable hosting with 24/7 customer support. Hosting must be according to your business requirements.

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TYPES OF HOSTING • FreeHosting • Linux Hosting • Windows Hosting • Reseller Hosting • VPS Hosting • SharedHosting • DedicatedHosting

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Free Hosting • Free Web Hosting is not secure and reliable. You loss the control over your websites and this decline yourbusinessgrowth.

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Linux Hosting • Linux hosting is one of the most popular among web servers. It became favorite hosting among wb designers.

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Windows Hosting • Windows Hosting are used for technologies like .NetMSSQLMicrosoftSQLServer.

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Reseller Hosting • Reseller hosting is a hosting in which the account owner has authority to rent bandwidth and hard drive space to another company who then rents the spaceto customers.

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VPS Hosting • VPS Hosting is the hybrid version of shared and dedicated hosting and it do esn’t affected by other websites.

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Shared Hosting • Most of the web hosting company provided shared hosting. It is most common hosting for building the first websites.

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Dedicated Hosting • Dedicated hosting is one of the most popular hosting among developers. The server is fully dedicated towardsa single websites.

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The information provided help to choose hosting accordingto yourbusinessrequirement Youcan checkout formore information. Hereis thelink: https://www.bytenap.com

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