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Presentation Description - Lisa Desatnik is a Cincinnati based public relations and marketing communication contractor and consultant. Her skills include traditional media relations, social media management, campaign development, copywriting, strategic messaging and marketing of events, coordination of marketing materials, blog management.


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Connecting Causes To Their Communities 513.262.4062


THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to learn more about me and my work.   I consider myself so fortunate that for more than 20 years I have been able to build a career doing work that brings me great fulfillment. I am a creative, out-of-the-box thinker who develops creative, tactical ideas for raising awareness and nurturing relationships in support of events, nonprofits and businesses making a positive impact. As a result of my being part of their team, many clients have reported seeing greater exposure and understanding of their brand than ever before; and strengthened relationships with people who have the capacity to impact those organization’s success.   I’ve earned numerous awards along the way, but my greatest satisfaction comes from knowing my work has helped touch lives in very meaningful ways.   Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of help to you. Warm wishes, Lisa Desatnik


Building Relationships With Strategic Storytelling It’s What I Do Developed & implemented strategic communication plan for the 2015 Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival , that helped it grow into a widely heralded Festival with many of its events having sold out. Coordinated PR activities for YMCA of Greater Cincinnati including grass roots efforts, traditional media relations; building from scratch its Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube presence, and association blog Secured extensive online and traditional media coverage for YMCA signature events Telling the story of Lighthouse Youth Services , created unique Lighthouse Vision Awards that earned regional award. Created PR plan and generated ‘buzz’ around Hidden Treasures CD responsible for packed release party, & ultimately sales of more than 9000 copies Coordinated publicity & strategic messaging elements for Inclusion Leadership Awards event that grew to host over 900 guests Created & coordinated Collecting for Kids Campaign that generated school supplies for over 700 children in need and earned a regional PR award. Created Good Things Going Around – including a Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest account, enewsletter, and Good Things Pledge – with hundreds of followers Coordinated the media relations activities for the Appalachian Festival at Coney Island for 23 years, and built their Facebook page. Working on it for just three weeks prior to the event for two years, it now includes more than 1000 fans.


“ To say that we were pleased with Lisa’s work is a spectacular understatement. She has the ability to both secure press, and ignite the public. Not only did our Festival receive over 100 hits in the media in a short window of time, but the Twitter and Facebook presence increased dramatically. Her work with each agency, each VIP, each sponsor was genius. Lisa built from the ground up a grassroots presence in our community on top of a massive media presence. I can’t recommend another person/contractor I have worked with more highly. Lisa is self-sufficient, communicative, passionate, easy to work with, and most importantly, the most effective PR person I have ever dealt with. From superior writing skills, to exceptional relationships in the media, to instincts on what will connect, she is the whole package. In fact one local news anchor shared with me, “Lisa makes it so easy for us.” Working with Lisa is a no brainer. Susan Brownknight, director of development and public relations for LADD; and managing director for Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival “ I’ve worked with Lisa over many years and on a variety of projects and she is always reliable, professional and passionate . Most recently Lisa successfully developed several new social media assets for our organization. She brought in design professionals perfectly suited to work with her on designing our new blog and she recruited many blog contributors building it into a robust resource for individuals globally. Her creative techniques and postings increased our visibility significantly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Lisa puts her heart into everything she does and it shows in her infectious enthusiasm and stellar results.” Breta Cooper, business director for VIA Institute


“ Lisa was an increasingly important core member of the planning team for our Inclusion Leadership Awards Event, the area’s largest inclusive event. In 2006 and 2007, she had even more responsibilities. She brought a lot of creativity, management, and people skills to the table that were invaluable to us in producing an Event that stimulates interest and excitement in the broad community surrounding issues of inclusion. Lisa goes the extra mile to get the job done and does it with a positive attitude and a strong conviction. Equally important to us, she is not afraid to voice a concern or make a recommendation to ensure our work really accomplishes its intended goal. Lisa truly understands our values and mission, and applied those principles in her job assuring our featured speaker, presenters, honorees, videos, written stories, and graphic elements all accurately reflected our message. She has proven to be very effective in all aspects of her relationship with us and I highly recommend her.” Peg Gutsell, Inclusion Network former director “ Lisa is a media and public relations guru who is creative but has the ability to focus on the details that establishes her work consistently above others. It is a great privilege to work with such a vessel of honor who is admired by her colleagues and clients.” Antoinette ‘Toni’ Miles, YMCA Black & Latino Achievers executive director


“ It is a rare privilege to work with someone as gifted as Lisa. She is a talented writer, organizer, motivator and creative; with an excellent command of public relations. In addition, she possesses a presence and sense of self that sets her above others who have passed my way. She is a team player who reaches beyond her concerns to contribute to the efforts of her projects both materially and emotionally. Bobby Harrison, president of the Harrison Group " Lisa has a tremendous attitude, is always positive and upbeat . She is well connected, not by an exchange of business cards, but rather a true love of people. She is highly creative as well as generously encouraging to the ideas of others; quickly grasping the underlying concept as well as the subtle details. Lisa demonstrates a passionate belief in the basic good of people and is actively engaged in shining a light on and furthering the interest of those people and organizations that positively impact the lives of others. Lisa does great work for good reason." Dori Gehling, WAMBOO founder & CEO, former Coldwell Banker/West Shell branch manager  


The overarching goal of LADD and ReelAbilities in hiring me was for me to support the collective work of volunteer and staff organizers by creating a plan to bring the entire community together in support of an event so powerful as to have an impact on everyone of us either directly or indirectly. I needed to get the region talking and realizing that inclusion and togetherness is not about ‘other people’, it is about themselves and each other. I wanted to get people excited about ReelAbilities as a world class film festival; and ultimately come out to support and learn from it. My challenge was to do all of this with a very limited budget including for my own time.


My #DifferentLikeYou Campaign was one of my strategies to build community by creating dialogue about our differences …and our similarities


The Enquirer and Q102 were our major media partners; however, I developed relationships with all of the television stations with on air news talent emceeing many events. Metro also provided ads, and we worked with 3CDC on a holiday LED Board promotion.


My ReelAbilities Campaign Included Building Connection With Our Films, And Our VIPs Who Would Be Participating


We kicked off the Festival with a Meet The Stars Event and had many opportunities for mingling


My experience with global nonprofit, the VIA Institute on Character, was to strategically communicate their brand and strengthen their relationships with constituents through social media. Creating this blog was one tool I used. I recruited contributors world wide.


For the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, I wrote these ads and took the photographs.


Telling the story of how a Beech Acres Parenting Center class is impacting relationships Telling the story of how kids in public housing experienced a summer of learning at YMCA Camp Ernst Telling the story of how YMCA baseball nurtures sportsmanship and character values . Telling the story of the nationally ranked YMCA Synchrogators


Sample pictures I took for clients to submit to media, post online, share, use on materials


Writing Sample


Writing Sample


Sample Projects: Thinking Out Of The Box


Telling the story of the Appalachian Festival: One year I wanted to come up with an idea that had never been done before. My idea? The Downtown Hoedown. I coordinated the whole event too using social media, traditional media, & word of mouth to promote it. Ft. Square was packed that day.


To raise awareness & support for nonprofit ACT, I created a school supply campaign. In its second year we collected enough supplies for over 700 children. This campaign won first place in a regional award competition.


In 2011,the importance of selling tickets to the YMCA Salute Gala and raising awareness of the YMCA Black & Latino Achievers was more important than ever. Challenges were – the economy, while world renown the featured artist was not widely known in Greater Cincinnati, there was another large event planned that same evening, and the continued downsizing of local traditional media as a source for getting our information out. To conquer this, I utilized a strong grass roots effort that combined traditional media, social media and word of mouth. I want to note that my work supported the work of others who secured corporate partners. The end result : a sell-out event with 550 seats sold. For detailed information on what I did, please ask. Sample component is attached.   Photo credit: Mark Bowen Photography for YMCA


While we were video taping honorees for the main video, I took out my own little camera and shot impromptu comments for individual videos like this one. Videos were shared online, with honoree friends and colleagues, and supporters of the YMCA. I wrote the messaging for the flyers, ads, script, and printed program.


Part of my role in doing PR activities for West Shell REALTORS was creating opportunities to build relationships through civic engagement. One idea: Reading with Shelly Bear The goal was to strengthen the relationship with media, raise awareness of West Shell as a civic minded company, and encourage kids to read. I secured media personalities to participate, paired them with agents, and coordinated with Head Start classrooms. Agents & media visited, read a book, and gave kids a Shelly Bear with a bag of goodies – including a letter encouraging them to read and this coloring page.


One of Cincinnati’s most successful, locally produced CD ever…Hidden Treasures When I was hired to create a public relations campaign promoting the release of a CD tribute to Cincinnati’s King Records, I was among the majority who knew very little of the recording giant. Ten months later (before the onset of social media), just about everyone in the region knew about King Records, the CD, and the important message – that with inclusion, greatness follows.


Good Things are Going Around Cincinnati. My fun side project meant to inspire kindness and smiles has caught on. It includes a blog, a Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, an enewsletter, and the Good Things Pledge. I created the Pledge as a strategy for engaging more people in thinking about good things. Several hundred people have taken it. You can find both at:



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