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Testing & Measuring Instruments:

Testing & Measuring Instruments GoodsInStock is an online marketplace and supplier of testing and measuring instruments, laboratory testing equipments and machines. Get free quote now! A measuring instrument is a device for measuring a physical quantity.

Meco 3510PHW Clamp On TRMS Power Meter:

Meco 3510PHW Clamp On TRMS Power Meter 4 Digit LCD, 9999 Count  Data Hold, Auto Power Off Cable of Diameter upto 43mm / Busbar upto 65mm x 16mm Autoranging 3 Phase Adapter

Meco 3690 AUTO 600A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter:

Meco 3690 AUTO 600A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter Display :  3¾ digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with a maximum reading of 3999. Polarity :  Automatic, positive implied, negative polarity indication. Overrange :  (OL) or (-OL) is displayed. Zero :  Automatic.

Meco Solar System Analyzer Kit:

Meco Solar System Analyzer Kit Brand: Meco Type: Solar System Analyzer Model No: 9018BT Display Type: Digital LCD Power Supply: 1000V Accuracy: ±1% Warranty:As per manufacturer's warranty policy.

Meco PHT 4545 AC Clamp On Power & Harmonics Tester:

Meco PHT 4545 AC Clamp On Power & Harmonics Tester Balanced 3Phase Power Quality Balanced 3Phase Sequence Programmable CT Ratio (1 to 250) True RMS value (V and A) at 0.5% basic accuracy 1500A AC Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (%THD-F) Analysis of Crest Factor (C.F.)

Meco 65P Bench Top Digital Multimeter:

Meco 65P Bench Top Digital Multimeter 6½ Digit Display (1,19,9,999 counts) DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.0035%, resolution up to 0.1μV Max.  measurement rate : 1000 meas / sec Up to 30,000 readings storage DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.0035%, resolution up to 0.1μV

Meco Thermo Hygrometer:

Meco Thermo Hygrometer Humidity Measuring. Sensor: Digital Capacitive Humidity Sensor. Temperature Measuring. Sensor: Thermistor Temperature Sensor. Sensor Response Time for 90% of Total Range: 60 Sec Typical. Sensor Hysteresis: ±1%RH Typical. Temperature Coefficient: 10% Per °C Out of 23±5°C (73.4±9°F).

HTC VB-8205 Vibration Meter:

HTC VB-8205 Vibration Meter 4 Digits, 18mm LCD Display Auto Power OFF Max. Hold Measure Accelerator / Velocity / Displacement with RPM & Frequency Metric / Imperial Measurement Low Battery Indicator AC output socket for headphones and recording Optional Headphones for use as electronic stethoscope

HTC LCR-4090Q Handheld LCR Meter:

HTC LCR-4090Q Handheld LCR Meter Test signal frequency upto 10Khz. Measurement up to 10 meas /sec. Ultra – Low Power consumption. Data Hold, Max / Min / Average Recording. Large Character display with White backlight. Measuring Speed 10meas/Sec (Fast), 5meas/Sec (Medium)

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