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The Students’ Responsibility for Management:

The Students’ Responsibility for Management Dr. Zisk Secondary Education California University of PA

Student Responsibility:

2 Student Responsibility Students should be given the message: they are responsible for their own behavior they should be provided with strategies and training to help them to manage their behavior


3 Research The benefits of students using self regulating behaviors include Increase in certain academic areas Increase in class participation Reduction in behavioral problems Responsibility strategies are associated with a 25 percentile decrease in disruptive behavior .

Responsibility Strategies:

4 Responsibility Strategies Self-monitoring and control strategies – students record their own behavior, compare it to a pre-set criteria, reward their own success Cognitively based strategies – (used with selected individuals), student reflects on his/her behavior, considers alternative actions and resulting consequences, chooses action which would result in the most positive outcome

Classroom Procedures to Enhance Student Responsibility:

5 Classroom Procedures to Enhance Student Responsibility Classroom meeting Purpose is to address issues (not people) Students have the right not to participate Must stay on topic Language of Responsibility Teach and discuss concepts of rights, freedom, equality, responsibility

Enhancing Student Responsibility:

6 Enhancing Student Responsibility Written statement of beliefs With full student participation, develop a list of beliefs about rights and responsibilities Reach an understanding about the “spirit of the law” Self defense form A written or spoken statement where students articulate their perspective on an incident and examine their responsibility for it

Student Self Control:

7 Student Self Control Students need self control strategies Journaling Teacher meetings Parent conferences Cognitively based strategies Social skills training Problem solving skills

Looking Ahead:

8 Looking Ahead Summary Students share responsibility for classroom management. It takes a big commitment from teachers to work with students on this. There are useful strategies available to teachers and students. Next Getting Off to a Good Start

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