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Chinese Wedding Traditions


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Chinese Wedding Traditions : 

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Proposal : 

Proposal In Chinese Culture, a marriage is considered the joining of two families.  Thus the parents of the bride‘s and groom’s get involved in their wedding planning from very early on.  Two families pick a good date as the Betrothal(婚约) Day.  This is a formal meeting between the parents of the perspective bride and groom. The groom's family presents various proposal gifts that represents fertility and prosperity in Chinese culture, which is also known as "Grand Gift" or "Guo Da Li".  All gifts should come in even numbers, meaning "good things double" in Chinese culture.  Thus, the two are considered officially engaged.

Chinese Wedding Cakes : 

Chinese Wedding Cakes After the betrothal  meeting, both families will make wedding announcement to their relatives and friends by sending out  "Double Happiness Cakes" along with wedding invitations.  This is the Chinese style wedding cakes also known as "Dragon & Phoenix Cakes".  These are baked cake with dragon and phoenix imprint on the surface.  Some styles have fillings made of lotus seed paste, red bean paste or green bean paste.

Chinese Wedding Dowry : 

Chinese Wedding Dowry The bride's family then prepares dowry and give a list of the dowries to the groom's family.  Dowry is mostly composed of daily necessities for the new home, such as bedding, and dining set, etc.  In the old Chinese culture, girls start learning needle work at young age, and prepare plenty of shoes, socks, table cloth etc, as part of her dowry.

Bridal Bed Setting (An Chuang) Ritual : 

Bridal Bed Setting (An Chuang) Ritual A few days before the wedding, the bride's family send dowry to the groom's family, or the couple's new home nowadays.  The groom's family will invite a respected female relative or friend to "set the bridal bed" at the new home.  In some part of China in the old days, a unmarried young boy will be invited to sleep in the bridal bed the night before the wedding to bring fertility to the newlyweds.

Chinese Wedding Decorations : 

Chinese Wedding Decorations The two families decorates the bridal house and the reception site for the upcoming wedding ceremony.   Lots of lively colors, red in particular, is used in Chinese wedding decoration.   Papercut of Double Happiness, dragon and phoenix are widely used at Chinese wedding.

Chinese Wedding Door Game : 

Chinese Wedding Door Game On the wedding day, groom sets out to the bride's home, and he will inevitably be blocked at her door by her friends, and the bridesmaids will play door game with the groom and his attendants. Door game originated from ancient time which implies that the bride is a lovely girl and her family and friends do not want to marry her away.  The groom will be blocked at the bride's door, and her friends will try to stop him from entering by asking questions about the bride, a way to test if he really cares about her.  They may also do other tricks to delay the bride's leaving.  The groom will try to buy his way in by presenting "Li Shi", token money wrapped in red envelops.

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When the bridal sedan(轿子), equivalent of motorcade(花车队) nowadays, arrives the groom's home, firecrackers and music with gongs and drums greets the bride.  The bride will leap over a iron basin with lit charcoal inside. It is a ritual to bring prosperity and keep evils away.

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony : 

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Then at the official ritual that equals to the wedding vow in western wedding, the newlyweds kneel three times, to the heaven and earth, to the ancestral tablets and their parents, then to each other.  The kneeling part has been replaced with bowing in modern Chinese wedding.  The bride then present tea to the parents and relatives in sequence of seniority.  Those who receive the tea usually give the bride gifts such as jewelry or Li Shi money wrapped in red envelope.  Thus it's the end of the ritual and the wedding proceeds to the banquet venue.

Chinese Wedding Dress : 

Chinese Wedding Dress The color red is considered good luck, a strong color that can drive away evil spirits. In the old days, a piece of red veil is part of the bride's costume to cover her face during the wedding ceremony . Newlyweds would see each other's face for the first time in their lives at their wedding night. In modern Chinese wedding, the bride changes dresses at least 3 times at the wedding day.  She would start with western style white wedding gown for a church or civil ceremony.  Then at the tea ceremony, she would change to traditional Chinese bridal dress, which she will wear to the reception too.  Before the end of the banquet, she would change into a cocktail dress, and greet the guests, and then see them off at the door, thus this dress is also called "Song Ke" (See Guests Off) dress.

Chinese Wedding Night Ritual : 

Chinese Wedding Night Ritual The night of the wedding, the bridal room will lit dragon and phoenix candle to drive away the evil spirit.  The newlyweds will drink wine from two cups tied together with a red string, arms crossed from each other. This is the formal wedding vow in Chinese culture. Then the bride will be offered dumplings that's boiled half-raw.  The pronunciation of "raw" is the same as giving birth to children, a indication of family prosperity.

Post-wedding Customs : 

Post-wedding Customs The next morning of the wedding, the bride should get up early and make a meal for the groom's family to demonstrate that she is well-nurtured. Three days after the wedding, the groom and bride will go back to visit the bride's parents.

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