What is Considered Under Medicare and Medicaid

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Medicare and Medicaid are two topics which are commonly discussed but frequently confused by many Americans. Both of these are run by the government to help people who meet a certain criteriaaccess healthcare and benefits. It is important to know the differences, how they complement one another, and when each one is in action.


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What is Considered Under Medicare and Medicaid

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What does Medicaid do • Helps with medical costs for people with • Limited income • Limited resources • Handles benefits not usually covered by Medicare • Nursing home care • Personal care

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What is Medicare • Medicare is a federal health insurance program for: • Over the age of 65 • Certain younger people with disabilities • People with other major condition • Quick tip: It is important to start the paperwork at least 9 months prior to turning 65 to help have an easy transition.

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How does Medicare work • Medicare helps throughout the entire process of which a person may experience with medical attention. • First the Medicare coverage helps pay for the hospitalization cost. • Medicare then pays for any additional costs such as medical equipment physician services lab and radiology work and administrative fees. • Lastly Medicare uses their advantage plan to help pay outstanding fees and assist with the cost of prescription drugs.

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Key Facts to Remember about Medicaid • Medicaid does not require you to be 65 years or older • 3 million people in the state of Texas qualify for Medicaid • Some qualifications for Medicaid • Low income • Disabled • Pregnant women • Children under the age of 18

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How Do I find Doctors or Information • All Medicaid and Medicare doctors are found on the respected insurance website. • The website easy to use and looks at the different criteria’s needed as well so everyone can be given the best treatment needed. • https://www.medicaid.gov/ • https://www.medicare.gov/

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Questions • If you have any questions feel free to reach out to someone at Gonzaba Medical Group in San Antonio Texas • http://www.gonzaba.com/

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