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Latest AZ-104 exam dumps PDF is that brain dumps you would be valid to get through the Microsoft exam. People want to buy a lot of stuff because they think getting so many different brain dumps would save you from failing. No, what they don't realize is that the most important thing is your concentration and focus. All those brain dumps that just piled up on your table would be of no use until you work towards it. At the end it is your duty to prepare the best of yourself for the Microsoft AZ-104 certification exam.


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M I C R O S O F T A Z - 1 0 4 D U M P S P D F 1 0 0 V E R I F I E D A Z - 1 0 4 D U M P S P D F F O R Y O U R M I C R O S O F T E X A M C E R T I F I C A T I O N

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AZ-104 Braindumps Helps You To Explore IT World:  AZ-104 braindumps is the best choice for those who are having their AZ-104 certification exams. Latest MICROSOFT AZ-104 Study material that AZ-104 exam dumps pdf has is just so on point updated and checked by different professionals.  AZ-104 exam question provide you a proper package to learn very fast. The alignment of question and answer will help you pique interest in AZ-104 exam dumps. More importantly it will make so easy for all the candidates to go through their course.

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Prepare Your Exam in The Easy way not in Difficult Way

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“ Here are Some Sample Questions From AZ-104 Dumps PDF

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S A M P L E Q U E S T I O N You have an Azure subscription that contains the following users in an Azure Active Directory tenant named Does that meet the goal A. Yes. B. No. Answer: B

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S A M P L E Q U E S T I O N You recently created a new Azure subscription that contains a user named Admin1. Admin1 attempts to deploy an Azure Marketplace resource by using an Azure Resource Manager template. Admin1 deploys the template by using Azure PowerShell and receives the following error message: “User failed validation to purchase resources. Error message: “Legal terms have not been accepted for this item on this subscription. To accept legal terms please go to the Azure portal and configure programmatic deployment for the Marketplace item or create it there for the first time.” You need to ensure that Admin1 can deploy the Marketplace resource successfully. What should you do A. From Azure PowerShell run the Set-AzApiManagementSubscription cmdlet . B. From the Azure portal register the Microsoft.Marketplace resource provider . Answer: C B. From Azure PowerShell run the Set-AzMarketplaceTerms cmdlet .

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S A M P L E Q U E S T I O N You have an Azure Active Directory Azure AD tenant that contains 5000 user accounts. You create a new user account named AdminUser1. You need to assign the User administrator administrative role to AdminUser1. What should you do from the user account properties A. From the Licenses blade assign a new license. B. From the Directory role blade modify the directory role. Answer: B B. From the Groups blade invite the user account to a new group.

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