Follow, Fellowship, and Fish for Men


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The three activities that Christians will do as long as we live on earth.


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When Jesus calls a person to be His disciple, He issues a three-fold call – a three-fold invitation...

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He calls us to FOLLOW Him. repent, believe, confess, forgive, restitution, baptize, learn, lay down rights, crucify, take up cross, forsake, obey, abide, continue. Matthew 4:19

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2. He calls us to FELLOWSHIP with others. go to church, go to Bible study, discipleship group, home group, meet with, eat with, travel with, shop with, play with, talk with, sing, pray, work. Hebrews 10:24:25

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3. He calls us to FISH for men. Mark 16:15 Matthew 28:19-20 and... Evangelism

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