The Kingdom Strikes Back by Mitch Metzger


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The Kingdom of God Strikes Back:

The Kingdom of God Strikes Back Mitch Metzger Youth With A Mission

God’s Mission Mechanisms::

God’s Mission Mechanisms: Voluntary Go: Abram, Paul, Early Church, Crusaders, Friars, Moravians. Involuntary Go: Jonah, Joseph, Daniel, Naomi to Moab, Early Church, Dispersed Jews. Attraction: Queen of Sheba, Ruth, Naaman the Syrian. Invasion: Vikings-Slaves, Barbarians-Celts-Monks.

1st Period:

1st Period God moved Abraham to the Geographic Center, using him in often small breakthroughs of witness and sharing to the surrounding nations. Joseph said to his brothers,”You sold me, but God sent me” Patriarchs

2nd-5th Period:

2nd-5th Period God accomplished His will through voluntary obedience but where necessary, He does His will through involuntary means. Joseph, Jonah, All of Israel, the slave girl, Ruth, Naaman the Syrian, and the Queen of Sheba. Captivity, Judges, Kings, Post-Exilic


Oopps... Only 14 Nations out of the 70 were touched (Blessed) during this period: Canaanites, Egyptians, Philistines, Hittites, Moabites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Sabeans, Babylonians, Persians, Parthians, Medes, Elamites, Romans. Only 14 out of 70

Then Jesus Appears ...:

Then Jesus Appears ... …but wait...

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An outburst of fury awaits Him when the chosen nation has grossly departed from mediating the blessings - except some fanatical Bible Students that “transversed land and sea to make a single proselyte”

The Pharisees:

The Pharisees

Jesus did not come to ‘GIVE THE GREAT COMMISSION’ but to ‘TAKE IT AWAY’!:

Jesus did not come to ‘ GIVE THE GREAT COMMISSION’ but to ‘TAKE IT AWAY’!

Now God sets out to strike back with His Kingdom in the realm of the Armenians, Romans, Celts, Franks, Angles, Saxons, Germans and even the Vikings…!!:

Now God sets out to strike back with His Kingdom in the realm of the Armenians, Romans, Celts, Franks, Angles, Saxons, Germans and even the Vikings…!!

6th Period:

6th Period Romans 0-400 Rome was won but did not reach out to barbaric Celts and Goths except through being persecuted and dispersed amongst them. Ulfilas and St. Patrick, whose missionary efforts were largely from them being taken captive.

God’s Mission Mechanisms:

God’s Mission Mechanisms Roman Period 0-400 Apostles, Merchants, “Heretics” Greek Language, Communication Highways, Roads Persecution

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7th Period Barbarians 400-800 Being superficially Christianized, they began their invasions in 410. They respected life and property because of earlier missions. They set up their mission compounds - BENEDICTINES. They loved the Bible and preserved technology.

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God’s Mission Mechanisms Barbarian Period 400-800 The Celtic Church Benedictine Monasteries Movement of Peoples

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8th Period Vikings 800-1200 Neither civilized or Christian. Men of the sea. Invaders. Ruthless. Murderers. They delighted in burning churches, mission compounds, kidnapping girls and monks.

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God’s Mission Mechanisms Viking Period 800-1200 Kidnapped girls. monks Emigration to Christian Lands

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9th Period Muslims 1200-1600 The Crusades. Failed witness and wrong methodology.

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God’s Mission Mechanisms Muslim Period 1200-1600 Crusades St. Francis, Raymond Lull, Columbus Plague, Friars preach all over

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Final Period The Ends of the Earth 1600-Present Reformation, Colonialism, Luther, Moravians, Wesley, Great Awakening...

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God’s Mission Mechanisms Ends of Earth Period 1600-Present Modern Missionary Movement Four Men’s Influence

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1st Era of Modern Mission Movement William Carey 1761-1834 Shoemaker, Map reader, and wrote ‘Enquiry’. Focus: Coastlands

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“Expect Great Things From God; attempt Great Things for God” William Carey 1761-1834

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2nd Era of Modern Mission Movement Hudson Taylor 1865-1980 (span) 1st Era missionary, front liner and mobilizer, become all things, China Inland Missions (6,000 missionaries), Student Volunteer Movement of 1880’s 1 /37th then as now but 100,000 gave lives. Focus: Inlands

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3rd Era of Modern Mission Movement Townsend, McGavran 1934-present 2nt Era missionaries. College dropout to Guatemala. PhD. to India. Edinburgh Consultation in 1980. AD2000 and Beyond Movement, 10/40 Window, Gateway Cities/Peoples. Focus: Unreached Peoples

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