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What is a Gold IRA:

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What is Gold IRA:

What is Gold IRA This is a Individual Retirement Account back by the precious metal of gold It’s based on the simple principles as a regular IRA, where the investment is held until you’ve reached retirement. A Physical Gold IRA must all so be stored in a IRS approved facility and it must be in the for of a trustee or custodian. If you don’t have any retirement account now there are some fees, to open a new gold ira. However if you do have an existing IRA account it can be rolled over into a new gold IRA with out paying any taxes or fees.

What is included in A Gold IRA:

What is included in A Gold IRA In these gold ira’s there are several ways that your account could be secured by gold or other precious such as sliver, platinum and palladium. An account can also be backed by a certificate certifying your account backed by gold. You can also put all your real asset into a gold ira account so you know no matter what its backed by real physical assets, such as real estate, and collectables. Your Gold IRA can also have Gold bars, Bullion Coins and certain other recommended coins like the ones listed below.

What is a Gold Bullion Coin or Gold Coin:

What is a Gold Bullion Coin or Gold Coin These are coins held to be used as collectable as part of ones investment. However less circulated, and the older these gold coins are the greater the value. These coins all must have 90% and above gold purity to be classified as a gold bullion coin. It’s usually holds a countries national symbols and is given the designation a collectable piece of nation by its government.

These are some Gold Bars, Bullions, and Coins:

These are some Gold Bars, Bullions, and Coins Gold Bars .999 1Kg American Eagle Gold .9167 Bullion Coins (Obverse) American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin (Reverse) Autralian Gold Bullion Coin .9999 (Obverse and Reverse)

Gold Bars, & Gold Bullion Coins Continued:

Gold Bars, & Gold Bullion Coins Continued Canadian Gold Bullion Maple Life Coin .9999 Australian Lunar Gold Coins Year of the Mouse Austria Gold Philharmonic bullion 999.9 Coins

Gold Bars, Bullions and Coins Continued:

Gold Bars, Bullions and Coins Continued Chinese Panda (Reverse)Gold Bullion Coin Chinese Panda Gold Bullions Coin (Obverse) American Indian and Buffalo Bullion Coin (Obverse) .9999 1oz American Indian and Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin .999 1oz (Reverse)

What are the Advantages of a Gold IRA:

What are the Advantages of a Gold IRA Firstly a gold ira will most likely keep ahead of inflation so that overtime your gold ira investments doesn’t lose its purchasing power. Secondly you can also liquidate your gold ira for cash, or take hold of it physically. Thirdly you can also place other investments into your gold ira account, such as, real estate, art works, etc. or other precious metals, like silver, platinum, and palladium. Fourthly your gold ira is protected in a IRS approved trustee or custodian facility such as a bank, credit union or other private depositories facility.

Disadvantages of a Gold IRA:

Disadvantages of a Gold IRA The laws say’s you can’t physically take possession of the gold or certificate until you’ve reached the age of 59 ½ The Gold IRA must be in the possession of a trustee or custodian therefore legally speaking precious metals are in the custody of the trustee or custodian, not the IRA owner. Thirdly once you take possession of your gold ira whether that mean cashing out or taking physical possession you’ll have to pay the appropriate taxes.

Did You Know this Gold Fact:

Did You Know this Gold Fact The United States of America holds the most Gold Reserves of any Country in the World. In Fort Knox, Kentucky in the United States Bullion Depository it holds 4,578 metric Tons while our closes country Germany holds 3,395.5 metric tons these figures according to Wikipedia. Did You know that gold reversed peaked to 20,205 metric tons during world War II. At todays price ($1214.20) it would be $788.744Billion

In Conclusion Gold IRA:

In Conclusion Gold IRA A Gold IRA helps to keep your investments a head of inflation over time so you don’t lose your purchasing power in your retirement account when your ready to cash out. Investing in a Gold IRA is tax free when rollover your existing ira. Its also backed by a real asset not some pseudo-investment that you don’t know anything about. for example those that caused the collapse of the financial sectors in the United States as well as the world economy in 2008. To Get a Free Investment Gold IRA Kit From Regal Assets

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