The Benefits of High Security Keys for Your Business

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Whatever type of business you have, you’ll want to keep it as secure as possible, and investing in high-security key and lock systems is one of the most economical but effective ways of doing so.


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The Benefits of High Security Keys for Your Business

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Whatever type of business you have you’ll want to keep it as secure as possible and investing in high-security key and lock systems is one of the most economical but effective ways of doing so. Below are just some of the many benefits that high security keys could bring to your business: Long term costs can be minimized with high security keys Virtually impossible to pick thanks to their two leveled biaxial key cutting the angled cuts inside a high security lock make forcing it open a near impossibility in turn preventing thieves and intruders from being able to access your business premises and steal from you.

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Talk to your local commercial locksmith about having drill resistant housings for your high security locks fitted too to take even more steps to prevent thieves from getting in. Theft can cost businesses hundreds of dollars a year and investing a small amount to minimize the risk of this happening simply makes good financial sense. The opportunity to customize your high security locks Most high security locking systems are customizable meaning that they can be tailor made to meet the specific requirements of your business and each one can be made to suit multiple locations too.

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You can immediately reset locks with high security keys It’s not unheard of for employees to lose keys or for keys to be stolen and when this happens within a business that doesn’t have a high security locking system they’ll need to replace the entire lock. With rekeyable high security locks however they can simply be reset when a key is lost or stolen and the other keys can be updated so that your business continues to be secure. This includes master keys grand master keys and even grand master key systems.

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Able to be retrofit into a range of housings from most major door lock manufacturers talk to your local commercial locksmith about upgrading to high security keys today. With the help of cloud based key tracking software serialized keys can be tracked With cloud based key control software solutions administrators can keep track of all keys that have been issued to employees and with its help can identify the key holder find out where the key is and check which doors it provides access to. Key duplication is also eliminated with serialized keys this can be a huge security risk for many businesses.

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To talk to a security specialist about the specific needs of your business when it comes to protecting it from criminals schedule a consultation with your local commercial locksmith. They can perform a skilled and accurate risk assessment of your premises and advise you of how best to improve your existing security measures which may or may not include switching to high security keys and locks.

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Golden Locks Inc is a local locksmith company with years of experience and trained staff skilled in locksmith services for both residential and commercial clients and having online store for high security locks and MT5 high security keys in Huntington Beach and Orange County. We also specialize in automotive lock repair services for cars bikes and trucks and installation servicing and repair of high quality security systems access control systems and CCTV systems. If you are looking for a locksmith in Anaheim or boat keys in Huntington Beach or any other locksmith services call us at 714 841-0141.

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