Deadbolts Versus Doorknobs

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Deadbolts Versus Doorknobs

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Locksets for main entrance doors usually comprise of two pieces: a deadbolt and a matching doorknob. It goes without saying that a deadbolt will always be more secure than a doorknob alone but there are still ways that even a deadbolt can be compromised if an intruder is determined to get into your property meaning that ideally you should consider upgrading to a high-security lock. We’ll look at how deadbolts can be compromised and what locks you can buy to protect your home as best as you can from thieves and intruders:

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How deadbolts can be compromised: While a deadlock will certainly deter some criminals others have ways and means of getting past them and into your home: ● Picking the lock While not common this method involves a tool to apply pressure on the cylinder and another to push each tumbler inside until the lock comes open.

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● Raking the lock In much the same way as a lock is picked a special tool is used to push 2 or more of the tumblers at the same time making gaining entry a quicker simpler process. ● Bumping it This is one of the simplest ways to compromise a lock and can be achieved with little skill provided you possess a bump key.

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● A Pick Gun These manual tools are commonly used by locksmiths to pick locks but in the wrong hands can be very useful for criminals. ● Drilling the lock Used as a final resort for locksmiths this method is perhaps the most common one for criminals and when done right a lock can be compromised in a matter of minutes.

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So deadlocks may well provide enough protection for homes in low crime areas or to homes in which other means of protecting their properties are being used in conjunction with them. But for the very best protection for your home its contents and those residing there you might want to consider upgrading to high-security locks. What is a high security lock These locks have been modified to make them completely break proof and only the most skilled of locksmiths can compromise them. Pick rake and bump proof they are much stronger than other locks and the key can only be copied using a special card that you’re given along with the lock at the time of purchase.

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Companies such as Mul-T-Lock and Medeco sell them and while they come with a higher price tag they could end up saving you thousands of dollars and giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. Burglars may be canny folk but they will always look for the easiest properties to break into and if your home has a deadbolt or high security lock in place then you may not be as likely to fall prey to them.

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