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Introduction to Google [Gwen Harris]:

Introduction to Google [Gwen Harris] January 2012

Sign out of personal Google accounts:

Sign out of personal Google accounts

Exploratory Search :

Exploratory Search

Preview the page:

Preview the page

Emphasize a Word:

Emphasize a Word

Word Variants:

Word Variants

Using “ “ to Require a Word:

Using “ “ to Require a Word

Tilde ~ Operator:

Tilde ~ Operator

Use Quotation Marks To Narrow:

Use Quotation Marks To Narrow

Number Range nn..nn:

Number Range nn .. nn

Using – To Exclude:

Using – To Exclude

Basics Summary:

Basics Summary Google looks for singular and plural and some word variants, and often related words. Basic syntax: “” for words together, ~ for related words, “ “ to require a word (stop variants), - if we must exclude. Number range – use for anything numeric ( eg ages) nn .. nn

Search Tools in the Left Panel:

Search Tools in the Left Panel

Types of Content:

Types of Content

Video Filters:

Video Filters

Time Dimension:

Time Dimension

Sites with Images:

Sites with Images

Foreign Language Content:

Foreign Language Content

Visited Pages – Web History:

Visited Pages – Web History

Summary – Search Tools:

Summary – Search Tools Consider different types of content. Time dimension – need recent? Use sites with images to get more information about the page. Translated foreign pages may be useful in some situations. Look at all the options.

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