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Car detailing woodland hills - | Go Green Auto Spa is all about saving water. We offer car detailing, waxing, auto spa and valet services in Sherman Oaks, Westwood and Los Angeles area.


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Gogreen Auto Spa Go Green Auto Spa is all about saving water. We use less than a 1/4 gallon of water per vehicle. This is possible because we have developed with the help of a market leader in car wash supplies a way to add environmentally safe soaps and waxes to rechargeable water machines. These machines transform soiled autos into sparkling carriages all while minimizing excessive water run-off. Our technicians scour car interiors with a vacuum sniffing out crumbs sweeping rebellious air vents and sucking up remnants of dioramas built with Popsicle sticks. An interior wipe-down leaves your dash and console surfaces sparkling. The vehicle’s exterior is cleaned using our eco-friendly soaps and dressing is applied to the tires. Finally we go over the entire vehicle with our body gloss spray that adds a glossy luster and protects your paint from hazards including weather sun rays and of course bird droppings.

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Water Saving Tips for Three Common Outdoor Items Reducing Water Usage Outdoors Although water is used outdoors for a variety of reasons it is not necessary to use a large amount of water. Here are a few ways to reduce outdoor water usage. Gardens and Lawns It is a better idea to water gardens and lawns during the cooler times of the day to reduce water loss due to evaporation. If a hose is used do not let the water run and if sprinkler are used ensure they are not spraying the driveway or sidewalk. Pools Whenever pools are not in use always cover them to avoid losing gallons of water from evaporation. It is also important to check pools for leaks. Additionally keeping the water level low reduces water loss caused by splashing. Cars When washing a car at home avoid leaving the hose running. Alternatively using a car wash can reduce the use of water and some car washes have begun using a spa method that significantly reduces water usage. Related Posts  Mobile California Car Washes  The Benefits of Using Valet Parking at Private Events  A Brief History of the Car Wash

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Prices and Services Below is a list of our current detail packages. Every package includes a complete vacuum an exterior wash done 100 by hand and uses less than a 1/4 gallon of water There is nothing mini about our Mini-Detail. Your car receives a 100 hand wash interior vacuum and wipe down of dash and console all interior/exterior windows cleaned and wheels and tire dressing. When your car needs a little more T .LC. With our DELUXE DET AIL your car receives a 100 hand wash interior vacuum complete interior cleaning and your choice between a hand rubbed wax or your floor mats shampooed. 45 for SUVs

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Mobile California Car Washes Today not only can you sit on your mobile phone while you go through a car wash but you can even stay right where you are and order a mobile car wash with your phone Mobile Car Wash GoGreen AutoSpa Valet is proud to present GoGreen AutoSpa Mobile: the newest and most convenient way to experience and receive a quality car wash no matter where you are at – home the movie theater work dinner… wherever you happen to be We know you have better things to do than sit at a car wash so we are providing the opportunity for you to have your car washed while you do what matters to you. Whether your dog pooped in the seat your kid’s snack found its way to the floor or you just haven’t had your car cleaned in who-knows-how-long we can come to you and we can clean up your vehicle.

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Contact Us Gogreen Auto Spa Valet 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd. 2401 Woodland Hills CA 91364 606-776-0331

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