GoFish Cam Creates Unforgettable Fishing Experiences


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Fishing is an interesting adventure made, even more, fun and successful with the aid of certain tech gadgets like the underwater fishing camera. GoFish Cam is one of the best underwater fishing cameras specially designed to fit perfectly along with a fisherman’s fishing line and work with a customized mobile application which contains a built-in wireless hotspot. GoFish Cam allows you to record, share and store underwater footage. For more information visit - https://gofishcam.com/


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GoFish Cam Creates Unforgettable Fishing Experiences Brothers Ryan and Brandon Austin have shared a lifelong passion for fishing. Like all anglers they realized early that dedication to the pastime necessitated patiently waiting for fish to bite without an assurance that any would. Though they loved the sport their entrepreneurial backgrounds led them to wonder how they could harness exciting advances in technology to make it even more interesting. Are any fish swimming below the boat’s deck If so what kind and size How close are fish coming to biting a hook What does the post-strike struggle look like from an underwater- perspective Ryan and Brandon knew they could revolutionize the sport of fishing if they developed a way to effectively view underwater activity and in doing so answer these—and other—common questions. This “ah-ha” moment lead to the creation of GoFish Cam the most popular underwater fishing camera on the market. GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera designed for use in freshwater and saltwater bodies under the most adverse weather conditions and on all types of fish. It has a 1000- pound tension rating and its rugged exterior casing is constructed from military-grade armor. The fishing camera is attached along the fishing line—between test and leader lines—and

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controlled by a mobile application installed on any smartphone or tablet. GoFish Cam allows anglers to monitor what is happening underwater—live and in real-time—without leaving the comfort of a Captain’s chair or dock. GoFish Cam is one of the most advanced underwater fishing cameras and has forever changed fishing for enthusiasts across the globe. With GoFish Cam users claim the upper-hand in the centuries-old battle of fish versus fisher and capture action-packed footage. GoFish Cam’s exclusive features allow content to then be reviewed edited shared and stored enabling anglers to relive the thrill of their favorite pastime at any point in the future. For additional information visit https://gofishcam.com/

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