GoFish Cam: A Smart Choice for Dependable Underwater Fishing Cameras

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Deploying an underwater camera definitely gives the ice fisherman the advantage when it comes to finding and catching fish. Underwater fishing cameras let you know to switch up presentations when a new species of fish move through the area. The GoFish Cam is one the best underwater fishing cameras that capture 1080p HD color video through a 170-degree wide-angle lens, has night vision and can go 150M underwater. For more information visit - https://gofishcam.com/


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GoFish Cam: A Smart Choice for Dependable Underwater Fishing Cameras

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GoFish Cam: A Smart Choice for Dependable Underwater Fishing Cameras Over 200 million people across the globe rely on fishing for their livelihood and many millions more fish for recreation or out of dietary necessity. Fishing is an exciting adventure made even more fun—and successful—with the aid of certain tech gadgets like the underwater fishing camera. The GoFish Cam is a powerful tool which emboldens fishers by allowing them to survey sites for fish before spending countless hours waiting for a bite that may never come. GoFish Cam’s underwater fishing cameras are designed to fit perfectly along an angler’s fishing line and work with a customized mobile application. This app allows the user to conveniently view edit store and share photos and videos which for organizational ease are saved in one- minute increments.

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The GoFish Cam goes up to 500 feet underwater is equipped with green LED night vision records in 1080p HD and is designed with a stabilized fin for preventing the camera from shaking spinning or otherwise affecting the fishing line. GoFish Cam provides anglers the opportunity to learn from their unique experiences by supplying visual data. Some of GoFish Cam’s exciting features include fishing camera:  Use in Salt Water and Freshwater  Tough Armor Casing  4 Hours of Rechargeable Battery Life  64 GB Micro SD Card Storage  Tension Rating of 1000 Pounds Years of research have gone into creating the GoFish Cam and it is positioned to completely alter the sport of fishing. As fishers themselves the team involved with its development takes great pride in the end result and look forward to monitoring its impact on the lives of anglers around the world. For more information please visit https://gofishcam.com/

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