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Become Go Easy POS Distributor

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Hi Everyone, Point Of Sales (POS) is an initiative by Business Non Stop Pvt. Ltd.

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About Us Introduction Agenda

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The Approach Scope of Work Features Future Scope

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Benefits Why Us

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About Us Although our services span across industry segments, we take pride in calling ourselves the experts of POS Solution in hospitality, FMCG & retail businesses through our exclusive association with the industry leaders. We commit to total quality with team power – Mr. Rajat Gupta, CEO, Business Non Stop This POS Solution is an initiative by Business Non Stop Pvt. Ltd. which offers much more information about the sale than you could gather with a manual system, calculate order, and analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis. We will provide you custom based system which will be Reliable, fast and secured. This system built on latest technologies and incredibly easy to use and as simple as you want, or as sophisticated as your business need.

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Introduction The point of sale (POS) is where the transaction is completed, and the time of making the payment by the customer to the merchant for the goods purchased or the service taken. At this point, the merchant prepares an invoice or calculates the amount to be paid by the customer and give options to make payment. After the payment is received, a receipt for the transaction is issued by the merchant. POS terminals includes broad application range such as inventory management, printing bills, loyalty programs, and payments. As a result of the enhanced return on investment (ROI) offered by POS systems the market for POS terminals has picked up rapid adoption in the recent years. In comparison to the traditional system, this enhanced POS systems provides higher durability and reliability which leads to decrease in the cost of ownership thus, increasing the demand for POS solutions in both medium and small sized businesses. The emergence of mobile POS ( mPOS ) terminals has challenged the ongoing payment and transaction techniques due to its enhanced features such as better user experience and mobility.

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Approach The approach of this presentation covers detailed implementation plan with features that you find to be time-saving, simple and useful. We have developed this system using Agile technology. This POS system will armed with complete understanding of your analyse sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly .

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EASE OF USE ENTRY OF SALES INFORMATION UPDATING PRODUCT INFORMATION SALES AND INVENTORY TRACKING Scope of Work An overview of the requirement guides it should help with integrated accounting modules, including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, and inventory control systems. With this Software you will experience:

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Our Services in POS Dashboard Admin Panel Control Panel Institutive KPI Dashboard Real Time Stats Linked to Database User Friendly Manage Users Manage Permissions Manage Discounts Manage Offers Manage Notification Manage Everything User can Book a Table Edit Reservation Admin can view the table reservations View Guest

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Our Services Cont. E – Paisa Integration Location Management Stop losing time on manual imports/exports By getting the data you need you can get a better insight of your lead or customer Manage location country wise Manage location State wise Manage location Region wise Manage location City wise Permission Management Permissions at different level Permission to the level of Manager Permissions to the level of Employee

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Our Services Cont. Floors Management Tax Management Unit Management Manage Floors Manage Tables Manage Taxes Manage Taxes at Franchise level Manage Unit Name Can add short name Manage Status of Unit

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Our Services Cont. Currency Management Discounts Management User Management Manage Currency by Franchisee choice Reduce the Operational Burden Minimize Risk Manage Discounts Manage Discounts on Franchise basis Manage their Employees Manage Customers by input their information

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Our Services Cont. Product Management Payment Gateway Integration Notification Management Manage Categories Manage Sub-Categories Manage Items Customer just need to insert card for the payment. Easy to use   Manage Notifications

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Our Services Cont. Inventory Management Reports Management Customization Manage Stock Upload option of overall Stock Sales Report Customer Report Stock Report Edit Sales Report Manage Colour of Panel Manage Sidebar, Header and Footer

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Future Scope

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Future Scope Product Import Value Card Configuration Open Drawer System Integration Redeem Points Referral Code FOC Supplier Module Attribute set of products Rule Method on Inventory

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Benefits Three months free subscription of POS software. Pocket friendly plan- Monthly subscription of 499 INR & Yearly subscription of 4999 INR. Free installation. Accurate Record Keeping. Elimination of Human Error. Easier Tracking of Sales, Purchase and Inventory. Categorize Stock Items into multiple fields and sub fields. Enhanced Securities by Maintaining Permissions to Employees. This POS systems also offer merchants access to a variety of customizable reports. This POS system will monitor your stock levels and alert you to purchase new stock when inventory items are running low .

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Why Us ??

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We have experts for software solutions, mobile solution, and Integration. Our work centres around developing practical solutions for optimizing a multinational workforce while striking the right balance between cost reduction and talent strategies. Customer support 24*7. Experts On Board

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Future Proof As technology is evolving at a breakneck pace , this POS systems expect to be relevant for the latest technology ahead and it is build on a flexible platform that supports the mobile integrations as well.

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Increased Productivity ‘Line busting’ is now a common trend, allowing customers of restaurants, coffee shops and bars order meals and pay ahead of time via this POS system, without the need to stand in the usual order line in a store. As well as reducing waiting times the use of Line busting apps allow restaurants to increase sales while simultaneously handling walk-in traffic during peak times.

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Better Customer Experience The most imperative component to good customer service is the ability to provide customers with the product, speedy transactions & flexible payment options. Our POS system meet the requirements from customer point of view. It can even capture customer info.

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Thank You!!! Request your Feedback Address: Main Office C-22/3, Sector 57, Noida, UP - 201301 Phone: Tel: + 91 (120) 4100396 Web: www.goeasypos.co Contact us:  care@goeasypos.com Social Media: facebook.com/GoEasyPos twitter.com/GoEasyPos

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