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No Pay No Gain:

Udit Suri & Marlene Cervantes No Pay No Gain

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Can you count the ads? 5 7 10

What we saw::

What we saw:

Background On NBA:

Background On NBA How much money is generated in the NBA? 100 million dollars per team every year Where does the money come from? Marketing in Basketball Advertisements/Sponsors Tickets NBA goods

Background Continued…:

Background Continued… Money Problems 2009 credit crisis Had to borrow 175 million in 2009 Interest rate was 8.27% Cost of a game is high The NBA Solution

NBA Uniforms :

NBA Uniforms Present 2013-2014

Increase in Marketing:

Increase in Marketing What is going to change: Much more ad space for companies More revenue options for NBA teams 100 million dollars Make the economy of the city better If NBA has more money, tickets will cost less More people will come to games

What does this mean?:

What does this mean? There are 450 players in the NBA: Each jersey patch will generate about $222,222 throughout the 82-game season.

Sponsorships in Sports:

Sponsorships in Sports Soccer WNBA NASCAR $178 million


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