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GoDB Tech:

2012 GoDB Tech Products & Services

GoDB Sync Server – Core IP:

GoDB Sync Server – Core IP GoDB iOS Agent GoDB Android Agent GoDB Win Mobile Agent GoDB Win32 /Linux Agent GoDB Blackberry Agent GoDB J2ME Agent GoDB HTML5 /JS Agent ENTERPRISE (Server side) MOBILE (Client side) Internet Protocol: HTTP/HTTPS Medium: LAN,/VPN/3G GPRS/EDGE A central Database to distributed Application specific databases synchronization engine built on open standards GoDB MEAP SERVER GoDB MEAP server – this is the central server that synchronizes the core system (ERP/CRM/BI) with the various mobile devices GoDB MEAP agent – a native library which is the sync agent for synchronizing data/files with the MEAP server. DB Supported DB: MySQL, DB2, MsSQL, Oracle Parking bay

GoDB Sync Server - Features:

GoDB Sync Server - Features MEAP SERVER MEAP AGENT Based on Industry standard XML Web services / Soap protocol Synchronizes Apps , Files, Database and Firmware – Over the Air (OTA) Bi Directional and Incremental sync Data partitions – Horizontal as well as vertical partitions (based on users, groups and sub groups) Compressed data transfers Security compliant – storage (encrypted), transmission(SSL) etc. Integrates with all standard DB’s of Enterprise backend (ERP/CRM/BI) - Available for all popular platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Win32, Linux, J2ME, HTML5 Low footprint to fit and run even in low memory devices Online/offline modes enables offline storage of data Tolerant to connectivity disruptions Supports industry standard Databases – SQLite/MSDE/MySQL Inbuilt HTTP/S stack for web service integration

GoDB - Mobile App Development Services:

GoDB - Mobile App Development Services Well trained development team with expertise on the following platforms for mobile-front-end application development with or without Sync server . Native development on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile J2ME development Cross platform development using HTML5/JS, PhoneGap , GoDB IDE GStudio We have a cross platform visual IDE (GStudio) for app development on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile 6, Win32, Linux

Areas of Application:

Areas of Application B2E Employed Ecosystem HR & Admin Asset Tracking Leave Mgt Timesheets Operations Workflow Management Sales Lead management Mobile SFA GPS locator Track competition Management Mobile dashboard Mobile reports M-Alerts M-Approvals Suppliers Workflow integration with Supplier Delivery Tracking of shipments Supply requisition and tracking B2B Business Ecosystem Consumer Mobile Portal Mobile Apps Mobile Shopping Service requests Corporate Mobile Portal Electronic Data Integration B2C Consumption Ecosystem Banks Point of sale Loan verification on the field Field Collection Door step banking NBFC Field verification for new applications Point of Sale Financial Services Mobile statements Portfolio management Banking/Fin Services Manufacturer Secondary sales visibility Merchandise audits Rebate management Distributor Tertiary data capture Inventory Management Van sales / DSD Retailer POS integration Order placements Delivery tracking Inventory mgt. Supply Chain 3 rd Party Logistics Shipment tracking Pickup/delivery Vehicle tracking or Driver tracking Transporters Proof of delivery Vehicle tracking or Driver tracking Route management Transportation INDUSTRY VERTICALS Non-life Insurance Point of Sale Travel Point of Sale Insurance Agent management Mobile Claims Mobile Quotation Life Lead Management Advisor management Micro Insurance Branch Automation Insurance Contracted partners Service management for user requests Extended SFA / Lead management Order approvals for reimbursements etc

Case Study 1:

Case Study 1 About the customer A fortune 500 MNC operating in Consumer Product Group industry Turnover in excess of $5b with sales and distribution pan India Product SKU’s in excess of 15,000 Combined sales force of 50,000 people – direct/extended teams Fully integrated Supply Chain process using SAP / Net-weaver Solutions Provided / Achievements 5,000 distributor systems integrated with the central SAP system Over 15,000 sales force equipped with mobile secondary sales application 700 Senior management people equipped with dashboards on tablet devices 5,000 extended sales team distributing products in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities (Supply Chain Management) Achievements Deployed on a wide range of devices – PC, PDA, Smartphones, tablets, Java phones Scaled up to a peak load of 5 million transactions per day

Case Study 2:

Case Study 2 About the customer A leading private sector non-life insurer. Part of $10b conglomerate spreading across Telecom and Financial Services Combined sales force of 25,000 people – direct/extended teams IT system integration and support managed by Hewlett Packard Solutions Provided / Achievements 1,500 secured Point of Sales terminals deployed across India Android based Mobile POS for the distributors / agents Mobile claims management application for their surveyors Reporting / dashboards for Senior management on Tablets/smart phones Extending systems to vendor and consumer ecosystems (Non-Life insurance) Achievements 40% of retail policy distribution through the GoDB MEAP solution Successfully running for last 5 years

Our customers:

Our customers

Cloud Based Mobility:

Cloud Based Mobility No upfront investment / capital required Pay as you go model – similar to a phone/internet connection Hosted on trusted Amazon servers (AWS) with 99.9% availability

About Us:

12 year old company based in Chennai 400 man years of Enterprise mobility experience 70 % repeat revenue from existing customer base Multi-year customer engagements reinforce dependability Trusted network of 100 plus partners worldwide 150 plus customers About Us

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