Save Your Time & Money Using Pool Management Apps


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GoAquatix is loaded with a number of features that not only help the manager to solve the complexities of keeping everything in order but get instant updates too.


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Save Your Time Money Using Pool Management Apps Living without smart-phones has become difficult. Day and night we stay coordinated with our friends and family as well with our school or university schedule. These smart-phones are decorated with different applications for different services like for banks there is an application for food delivery there is another and so on. In this increasing chase for application to make living convenient pool management companies came up with applications. These pool management apps are ideal for gathering information when the owner is not around the pool facility.

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Since a lot of aquatic facilities have launched their operations there has been a constant rise in the development of mobile applications to handle responsibilities. A pool management app can help you with the rising pressure and make you more efficient in aspects such as maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool. The aquatic industry works largely on repeat customers. Impeccable services guarantee satisfied customers. However doing the same tasks every day can become monotonous for employees and some days there may be minor flaws. These difficulties can be easily avoided with the help of a swimming pool app. The employees working with an aquatic facility have a hectic schedule. There may be times when an employee has to extend his duration at the clients due to non-availability of the client. In such case the facility owner has to accommodate the schedule by filling the time difference. This becomes extremely difficult when the entire workload has to be rescheduled on papers and still there are loopholes. But with a pool management app such issues can be resolved in a jiffy

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This PDF is about how pool management applications can reduce the responsibilities of an aquatic facility owner and also about the advantages offered by these applications. The various features of a swimming pool app that in maintaining the flexibility of business operations are : Lifeguard timekeeping. A rating system for customers. Rate the offsite employees of your facility is an important feature for analyzing performance. Pool managing applications work spontaneously on tablets desktops and mobile phones. These applications are developed to keep coordination between the employees at the facility and employees at offsite facilities.

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Facilitates verification of lifeguard certificates to check validity. Geo-location based timekeeping system. GPS time clock. The attendance of your employees to track punctuality job duties. Hourly daily and weekly duty and maintenance requirements.

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