Perfect Swimming Pool Management Apps For Your Pool


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Here are some of the useful applications for managing your aquatic facility efficiently.


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Perfect Swimming Pool Management Apps For Your Pool:

Perfect Swimming Pool Management Apps For Your Pool


Introduction: Nowadays there are applications available for everything from hotel booking to tickit booking. The swimming pool industry is growing very fast, various pool management companies are designing swimming pool apps for the proper management of swimming pools.


Here are some of the pool management apps which are useful for management of an aquatic facility. Pool Pal Pool Doctor Pool Calculator

Pool Pal::

Pool Pal: Pool Pal is an application which is basically designed for swimming pool or spa owners. It allow the pool owners: To track swim times Track training sessions Clubs, pools, personal bests, events or galas Race results, etc.

Pool Doctor::

Pool Doctor: Pool Doctor is an application which is ideal for the residential swimming pool owners. This application basically determine the volume and check the chemical levels of water inside a pool. This app also gives instruction on calculating the water volume and gives result.

Pool Calculator::

Pool Calculator: The Pool Calculator application is basically a water chemistry calculator. It features web based calculator. By entering the size and readings from your test kit, the pool calculator calculates the amount of the chemicals which you need to add.


Pool calculator swimming pool app also gives you recommendations on important chemicals such as salt, borate and stabilizer levels.

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