Pool Management Apps for Pool Owners

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A pool management app is basically designed to reduce the stress of swimming pool owners.


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Pool Management Apps for Pool Owners:

Pool Management Apps for Pool Owners http://goaquatix.com/


Introduction People love to relax with there loved ones near an aquatic facility. Managing a swimming pool is not an easy task, hence for reducing some stress software developers comes up with a pool management app .


This app is having various features which are useeful in easily managing an aquatic/pool facility. It helps the pool owners indirectly to save the valuable time and also hard earned money. Some of the important features of this app is listed below.


Features: It can conduct training on lifeguard requirements, aquatic facilities, and maintenance through the employee’s mobile app. This application can capture the images of your pool facility and store them for your records as needed for maintenance, repairs, or construction. Keep up with how your offsite employees are viewed based on a rating system from your customer.


Receive instant updates from aquatic facilities at your office. Managing your business records at a single point. Track swim test results to reduce liability. GPS time clock , Geo-location based time keeping system. etc.

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