Three Must-Visit Best Places In Winter

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Three Must-Visit Best Places In Winter:

Three Must-Visit Best Places In Winter


The wind is starting to get cold, tree leaves turning white because the snow from good ol ’ Jack frost, and people donning thick jackets are everywhere. All of these mean one thing, winter is here! During this season, many people would rather stay at home and sit near the fireplace in order to get warm. However, why not go out and visit sunny beaches, enjoy warm places, and experience hospitable people? Wondering what the best places to travel this winter are? Read on for some ideas on three must-visit places this winter. Introduction

Phu Quoc, Vietnam:

Phu Quoc Island is the largest in Vietnam. It takes pride of its deep, blue waters, private sand beaches, abundant and green mountains, and warm climate. From December to March, the average daytime temperature in this place is 25 °C to 27 °C (77 °F to 82 °F). From your place, book a flight to Phu Quoc International Airport (airport code: PQC). From the airport, take a taxi and ask the driver to bring you to beachfront hotels. When in this island, never miss to visit the Coconut Tree Prison, which is developed into a museum; take a splash in the Phu Quoc Waterfall; and be one with nature in the lush forest and wildlife areas of Phu Quoc National Park. Phu Quoc , Vietnam

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Phu Quoc , Vietnam

Florida, USA:

Are you starting to feel the coldness of winter? If so, then heat things up by visiting the sunny beaches of South Beach, Clearwater Beach and Miami, Florida. There are countless of activities in these places that any traveler will surely enjoy. You can take a dolphin-watching cruise, go parasailing, or simply lie on ivory sand, feel the heat of the sun, and get tan. If you are in Florida, then you can forget about a Christmas full of snow; instead, you will enjoy a sun-filled holiday. Sun and the beach; this sums up your travel in this state in America. Florida, USA

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Florida, USA


Paris is not all that France has to offer.  When in the ‘Country of Love’, never fail to visit  Aquitaine and Nice if you still want to see the sun even during winter. The popular winter attractions in these places are Carnaval de Periguex , Promenade des Anglais , and Cimiez Hill. France

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Aside from picturesque places and warm people, France will make you experience its sumptuous delicacies. And of course, what makes a cold winter night warmer than a glass of perfectly-aged wine? Regardless of which destination you would love to visit this winter, reading travel tips about such place before actually booking an itinerary is important. This way, you can guarantee an unforgettable journey without having to deal with unexpected issues. Lastly, booking the hotel stay and booking the flight should be done months in advance. If you do so, then you will likely end up with the best deals at affordable prices. Remember, a great travel does not necessarily mean the most expensive. - See more at:

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