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globaleyez is one of the trusted brand protection companies that offer brand protection services such as distribution control, test purchases, sales tracking and online monitoring to secure your brand and distribution from online threats. As a leading service provider with a 360º approach, globaleyez combines software tools with strong managed services to match the best of both worlds. We monitor and enforce online – in every aspect. The safety of your brand and distribution is our key performance indicator. For more information or any inquiry, feel free to contact us at or visit us on LinkedIn at


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brand protection. distribution control. retail monitoring.

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brand protection distribution control 360º

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service portfolio combining services and software for striking IP solutions online monitoring test purchases storechecks sales tracking analysis investigations app monitoring images copyright social media monitoring court approved documentation domain monitoring vendor compliance

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online monitoring

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focus on: online monitoring dedicated solutions for comprehensive challenges infrimage reverse image monitoring suite to track images / logos against internet and on dedicated websites marketrace tracking of sales AND real turnovers on amazon and other marketplaces / stand-alone websites where feasible traxster online monitoring suite w/ 125+ marketplaces search engines statistics alerts 1-click-takedowns where feasible etc. incl. domains monitoring all tld re domain registrations in a brand name social media tracking of pages sales ads with specific solutions in an ever-changing environment

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enforcement tackling infringers where we can hit them marketplaces enforcing on a multitude of marketplaces often with direct access to IP teams e.g. eBay amazon alibaba domains we do domain takedowns with 75 success rate over the years and have access to whois data through domaintools partnership payments working with payment providers like Paypal Visa Mastercard etc. to close down payment gateways social media we enforce infringements in social media sources incl. partnering with Facebook Group etc. search engines deleting infringing content on Google et. al. search

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enforcement example performance record for two of our clients China marketplace // websites 665 780 829 1000 7552 4625 4394 3648 Average Success Ratio of Marketplaces incl. Voluntary Takedowns Average Success Ratio Voluntary Takedowns

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test purchase compliance

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test purchase purchasing online and offline in more than 40 countries • vast expertise in test purchase… • …to fight counterfeits greymarket and other threats… • … in order to clean markets close leakages and re-inforce compliance

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compliance within entire chain Clean inside and outside network of market actors • Make sure that every actor in relation with your brand is compliant • Do look alikes or generica use your patents without pay • Do authorized sellers engage in greymarket activities • Do licensees stick to their contracts • Do suppliers cheat you with sales to competitors Licensee Patent Authorized Vendor Supplier

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globaleyez GmbH Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 11 Tieckstraße 37 D - 50672 Köln D - 10115 Berlin +49 0221 - 298 69 379

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