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GCC is Australia's leading originator of property finance specialising in SMSF loans, commercial property loans and development finance.


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Bridge Finance:

Bridge Finance

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2 Bridge Finance

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3 Bridge Finance is refers to the loans taken by a company normally from commercial banks for a short period, pending disbursement of loans sanctioned by financial institutions. Bridge Finance

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4 Why it is Taken? Bridge loans are offered by many financial institutions pending the signing of regular term loan agreement, which may be delayed due to non-compliance of conditions stipulated by the institutions while sanctioning the loan.

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5 When bridging finance is required, Global Capital Commercial (GCC) helps borrowers understand the key considerations and challenges, while providing the confidence and the funds needed to ensure the best result.

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6 Terms (a) Interest : The rate of interest on bridge finance is higher as compared with that on term loans. (b) Repayment : The bridge loans are repaid/adjusted out of the term loans as and when disbursed by the concerned institutions. (c) Secuity : Bridge loans are normally secured by hypothecating movable assets, personal guarantees and promissory notes.


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