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Our Mission:

Our Mission Glitteratti Magazine, the authority on all things food, beauty , fashion , business, politics and fun. Every Nashville’s socialite ultimate lifestyle resource in Nashville. Reaching across multiple platforms while delivering world news, music, politics and community news. As a female owned company we specialize in helping minority businesses. Business Politics Glitteratti Magazine 2011 GLITTERATTI HAS ADVERTISING ON STEROIDS

About Us:

About Us The Glitteratti and speaks to women across all genres, in all aspects of their lives. From Nashville natives, to transplants from other areas, the Glitteratti Magazine is your nifty guide you can carry with you where ever you go. The Glitteratti is projected to be Nashville’s official guide for socialites! Social Calendar Relationships Glitteratti Magazine 2011

Why We ROCK!:

Why We ROCK! Glitteratti Magazine largest magazine in Nashville Free National, Regional and Local Press Releases reaching 850k subscribers, and 40k journalist that’s instantly optimized for search engines, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace. Email and Bulk Text SMS Blasts NO OTHER PUBLICATION DOES WHAT WE DO PERIOD! Just because were fabulous we have partnered with a few radio stations to promote your events absolutely free. Free Ad Design Music Fashion Glitteratti Magazine 2011 Advertise with the Glitteratti.. It Just Makes Sense.

Editorial Calendar:

Editorial Calendar Family Shopping Glitteratti Magazine 2011 ISSUE ON STAND DIGITAL FEATURES* JULY 7/16/2011 AUGUST 8/13/2011 SEPTEMBER 9/17/2011 OCTOBER 10/15/2011 NOVEMBER 11/12/2011 DECEMBER 12/10/2011 Nashville’s Movers & Shapers Tech Brief Relationships History Correction Glitteratti’s 10 People to know in Nashville Women’s Health Loving you curves The Truth About Stocks & Bonds Get Ready for College Booming Business In Nashville Glitteratti’s Starting a Home Based Business Obama & Business Family wealth Relationship RX He Cheated Now What? Playing Nice with the Ex Wife Divorce, What’s Fair? Nashville’s Power Couples Blinded by Love The Power of B ankruptcy Discipline Y our C hildren 20 Things To Do Before 2012 Holiday Recipes 20 Memorable Moments in Nashville Holiday Gift Guide Exposing Family Secrets Christmas, Why Keep up the lie History Correction Remembering Kwanzaa 2012 , What's Next Get Fit 2012 Year End Physical Habits to Cut Artwor k, Advertisement and Content MUST be received by the 5 th of each month

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FREE Ad Artwork ( Limited) Radio Promotion Press Release to 250k Subscribers 40k Journalist Social Media Marketing Pink Carpet Service Marketing Consult

Monthly Features:

Monthly Features The Glitteratti magazine cleverly combines fashion, relationships, politics, relationships, business, technology, and current events all in one nifty 8.5 frame you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Think Your Hot?:

Think Your Hot? Wanna Be a Model? If you think you have what it takes or know someone who does, Submit a portfolio to We ONLY use local Models

Advertisement Information:

Cover 6.25 x 9.25 $3000 Back Cover 6.25 x 9.25 $2000 Full Page 6.25 x 9.25 $650 Side Panel 8.75 x 1.604 $300 Corner Panel 4.25 x 2.57 $250 Half Page 4.5 x 5.75 $350 Market Card 1.5 x 2.857 $200 Bottom Panel 1.251 x 5.571 $200 One Liner 00.5 x 5.571 $125 100k in Circulation Monthly ADVERTISEMENT SIZE FEE 1 0% discount for nonprofit organizations (Only on Camera Ready Artwork) All ads must be received camera-ready( Camera Ready-does not require any enlargement, reduction, editing or layout. Color ads must use the CMYK color space (not RGB ) for newsprint black and white ads must be received grayscale. Please email All files must be e-mailed to: . Please put business name in the subject line. Advertiser Responsibility: The Glitteratti magazine, Inc., reserves the right to reject any advertisement submitted, as well as the right to print the word “advertisement” on any ad that, in our opinion, resembles editorial copy. The advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from and against any loss or expenses resulting from any disputes or legal claims. FILE FORMAT: PDF, PUB, PHOTO SHOP, JPEG Advertisement Information

Community Vendor Program:

Community Vendor Program We provide the homeless and formerly homeless vendors a vehicle to earn a living. We cover from Brentwood to Rivergate . We provide 15 free papers to start and on the job training . Once our CV’s have a full grasp on the program they are allowed to purchase their supply for 25¢ each sell them on the street for $1 and keep the profit. Recruitment: for every new vendor recruited the CU will receive 20 free papers. Glitteratti Magazine Unlike other publications we put more than 50% of the profits in to tangible items that the vendors need. We help with getting I.D’s , Drivers License, Clothing and Personal Items. NO OTHER PUBLICATION GIVES BACK LIKE WE DO

Homeless Families:

Homeless Families Unlike other Homeless Vendor Papers we are hands on with each vendor, helping them recovery from this downfall in life. Many children are often lost in the mix of homelessness. At the Glitteratti Magazine we band together to provide school supplies, clothing, toys and tutoring to children in need free of charge.

Pushing to the limit:

Pushing to the limit We help supplement the cost of getting I.D’s , Drivers License, food and clean clothes. We have volunteers that help with filling out social security paperwork, scheduling doctors appointments and what ever else we can think of to help our vendors. We work with other charities and local businesses to bridge the gap for the homeless community. If my parents are homeless, so am I.

Community Vendor Program:

Community Vendor Program We give each new vendor free papers and hands on training. Afterwards they’re are allowed to purchase our magazine wholesale for 25¢ each. sell them on the street for $1 and keeping the profit. For every new vendor they refer, the community vendors receive 15 papers free.

Wanna attract photographers & Journalists? :

Wanna attract photographers & Journalists? If media presence is what you want, Pink Carpet Events in conjunction with Glitteratti Magazine and Lime Star PR can attract journalists and media to make your event newsworthy. What is the difference between Pink Carpet Events and them, Everything! We have an aggressive public relations department that works not stop to secure our place with the media movers and shakers. Pink Carpet Events

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What does that mean for you, its simple. With us in the top 3 of Public Relations firms we have the media just a phone call way. Pink Carpet Events are like no other. Photographers will be attracted to your event, like butterflies are to nectar, if you have a Pink Carpet Events on your team. Pink Carpet Events

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We will make your event special by adding the perfect mix of celebrity lavishness that everyone is attracted to. It need not be the Oscars or Grammies, you don’t even have to Brad Pitt or Halle Berry. Our custom backdrops, media wall and red carpet runway, guarantees excellent photo opportunities for the photographers of newspapers, videographers of news channels and everyone who visits your events. That is what we offer. Pink Carpet Events

Slide 16:

Pink Carpet Events Pink Carpet Package Event Banner 8 ft x 10 ft 6 Stanchions and Red Ropes Red Carpet Section 6 ft x 16 ft 2 Media Lights $399 Silver Media Package 2- Photographers 2-Videographer 1 -Host\ Interviewer 1- 3 min. edited dvd . 1 -B-Roll of Red Carpet Interviews * To insure we get the photographs that matter, Please supply a list of principals that must be photographed. . $900

P ink Triangle Printing:

P ink Triangle Printing Pink Triangle Printing combines high quality full color prints , fast turn around service and competitive prices. We can design your business cards, catalog layouts, brochure layouts in no time. We Print: CLUB FLYERS CATALOG SHEETS POSTERS CALENDARS CD INSERTS BUSINESS CARDS LETTERHEADS ENVELOPES BROCHURES & MENUS MAGAZINES BANNERS STICKERS T-SHIRTS DOOR HANGERS LETTER HEADS TABLE TENTS Event Tickets Greeting Cards Letter Head Door Hangers Rack Cards Post Cards Booklets Event programs DVD Inserts Calendars note pads Plastic cards Bumper Stickers magnets Business documents photos political marketing

P ink Triangle Printing:

P ink Triangle Printing We will beat Kinkos and Midtown Printing by 15% Guaranteed X X

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Are you one of Nashville’s Elite? Do you deserve celebrity treatment? Tires of waiting in line? Glitteratti Black Card 50 Exclusive Night Clubs & Restaurants Celebrity Concierge We ONLY issue 50 cards a year! Get on the waiting list NOW

Become a Distribution Location:

Become a Distribution Location Glitteratti Magazine distributes free of charge at hundreds of locations throughout Nashville. To become a Glitteratti Magazine distribution point with magazine delivery to your location, we require a minimum of 40 magazines per month to be distributed. Retail Stores and Gas stations sell the magazine for $1. We offer wholesale purchase rates for distributors. We do this in order to help conserve resources and minimize our carbon footprint. If you do not require 25 magazines at your location, please contact us for information on the nearest rack location. Natural Nutmeg is also available for digital download and as a Pdf . Pick up the Glitteratti on the 15 th each month. Sales Media Kits, PR and Press Releases Readers Office : 615.669.4548 Twitter: @ Glitterattimag Thanks for joining us!

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