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“ Disneyfication ” An Introduction


Definition Disneyfication The transformation of the real, historical world into a sanitised, American, child-like, predictable but profitable 'hyper-real' replica. Used in a negative way.


Example Disneyfication of war in Hollywood Pearl Harbor (2001) Touchstone Pictures A member of the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group Starred famous Hollywood actors


Compare Tora ! Tora ! Tora ! (1970) 20 th Century Fox Deliberately casted actors that are not box-office stars. Included many Japanese amateur actors. Had a balanced storytelling. The Japanese parts were directed by Japanese directors Masuda Toshio ( 舛田 利雄 ) Fukasaku Kinji ( 深作 欣二 ) Did not make money & was criticized as boring.

Classic Disney:

Classic Disney The Skeleton Dance (1929) Imaginative, open, no fixed points, no narratives 1932 Structured A definite “Disney style” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4ia5TBmY78

Narrative Style:

Narrative Style Style Light entertainment Catchy Music Slapstick humour Story Hollywood happy endings

Narrative Style:

Narrative Style Characters Anthropomorphized, neotenized animal characters Formulaic characters Heroine Love Interest Sidekick Mentor Villain Henchman Stereotypical representations of gender and identity

Narrative Style:

Narrative Style Themes/Values Mainstream American Innocence Work ethic Optimism Good over Evil Romance = Happiness


INTRODUCTION Animated Films Consumed by children in their formative years Shapes how they see and understand the world First exposure No comparison Unquestioned


IDEALS American Ideology Individualism and Independence No parents Different Freedom Commercialism CHARACTER MOTHER FATHER Snow White ? ? Cinderella ? ? Sleeping Beauty Queen. Never met. King. Never met. Peter Pan ? ? Ariel ? King Triton Aladdin ? ? Jasmine ? Sultan Belle ? Maurice Pocahontas ? Chief Alice ? ?


RACE “Because it’s Disney millions of children forever are going to see this in their most formative years , and it’s going to affect how they see my people and our culture for the rest of their lives.” - Rusell Means, Native American activist


RACE Lack of representation Mostly White American or European American The first non-White princess? Pocahontas (1995) It took Disney 86 years to have its first Black princess! Example: Tarzan (1999) Adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ book series (1912-1965)


RACE Stereotypical representation Africans Dark characters=evil Monkeys, apes, orangutans Poor & uneducated Fantasia (1940) Banned after 1969


RACE Stereotypical Representation Asians slanted eyes buck teeth heavy accents Sinister Example: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers (1980s) Lady and the Tramp (1955)


GENDER Females Physical Beauty American standard Small waist Long legs Big eyes, with long lashes Long, flowing hair. Seductive poses and voices


Homework In pairs, critique the same movie you chose for your first assignment. How has it been “Disneyfied”? Most Disney movies are based on a real event or adapted from a literary book, what are the differences?

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