Leaks in Fuel Pressure Regulator Block in a Land Rover

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The Land Rover is an epitome of elegance and luxury and is one of the most sought-after luxury cars in the world. However, being an owner of a Land Rover comes with own set of responsibilities like servicing and maintenance. However, one of the common problem often reported by Land Rover drivers is leaks in the fuel pressure regulator block which affect the performance of the car. Go through the slide to know about leaks in fuel pressure regulator block in a Land Rover.


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Leaks in Fuel Pressure Regulator Block in a Land Rover


A common fault in diesel vehicles is the leakage of fuel from the fuel pressure regulator block.


In a Land Rover, it is mainly caused by a deteriorated diaphragm or damaged seals within the block.


So, it is good to be aware of the symptoms, problems as well as the solution of the leak in the fuel pressure regulator.


Symptoms of a leaking fuel pressure regulator


You will find fuel leaking down from the fuel pressure block at the driver's side rear of the engine, which gets collected on the bell-housing or the starter motor.


A strong smell of diesel under the hood is also a clear indication of a failure in the regulator.


When you notice that fuel leaking from the hole in the fuel pressure regulator then be sure that the diaphragm in the unit has failed.


What is the problem?


The function of the fuel pressure regulator is to keep the fuel pressure at a constant 4 bar pressure.


The diaphragm within the fuel pressure regulator deteriorates, causing fuel to leak from the fuel pressure block.


It is important to figure out whether to replace the complete block, the pressure regulator unit or the O-ring seals of your Land Rover.


How to fix the problem?


The economical way is to only replace the components that fail within the fuel pressure block with improved components and not replace the complete block.


Most often, either the fuel pressure regulator or the o-ring seals are the components responsible for the leaks in the block.


So, choose the best solution that provides a cost-effective alternative to the replacement of the complete fuel pressure regulator block in a Land Rover.


Do it safely!


You must ensure that there is no naked flames or smokes around exposed fuel.


Support vehicle on axle stands, use wheel chocks and ensure in gear with the parking brake applied.


Always wear gloves and eye protection when working with fuel, oils and grime.


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