Know the Causes Behind Your Car Pulling in One Direction

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Cars are machines and like every other machine, they need to be maintained throughout their lifetime. However, when it comes to preventive maintenance, the car owners are found to be complacent which leads to various issues in the long run. One such issue that is widely reported by the drivers is the car pulling in one direction while driving. Go through the slide to know the causes behind your car pulling in one direction.


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Know the Causes Behind Your Car Pulling in One Direction


Many car owners are hesitant to take their car for its routine maintenance schedule due to the high cost of maintaining the car.


In the long run, it will have an adverse effect on the car as a simple problem might get out of hand and derail the whole car.


Most of the time when there is something wrong with the car, then the drivers have reported that while driving they have felt their car pulling in one direction.


Here are the reasons behind your car pulling in one direction.


Wheel alignment


If your wheel is out of alignment, then your car will also pull to one side and you can easily notice your wheel alignment by examining the tires.


The alignment refers to the adjustment of the suspension and if this is the primary cause of pulling, then you should get your car aligned as soon as possible.


The technician will adjust the suspension to ensure that the angle of the tires are optimized and the tires are having contact with the road.


Inadequate tire pressure


One of the most common reasons behind your car pulling in one direction is because of inadequate tire pressure.


Whenever there is low pressure on one side of the tire, then its height will change and consequently, the alignment will also change.


Moreover, as the tire is having inadequate pressure, it will increase its rolling resistance and the pull to one side will be noticeable.


Malfunctioning wheel bearing


When your car is pulling to one side, then it is a sign of a malfunctioning wheel bearing but there are other serious signs of a malfunctioning wheel bearing.


The wheel bearings are an important component of your car as they allow the friction-free rotation of the wheel hub assembly.


Whenever a wheel bearing breaks, you will hear a grinding sound coming from that part of your car and the steering wheel will also shake while the car will pull to one side.




Whenever your car is pulling to one side then it is a serious safety issue and you need to take care of the problem immediately.


If you experience your car pulling to one side, then you must take your car to the nearby automotive repair shop to fix the issue permanently.


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