Chinese Music Introduction

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An introduction to Chinese music for KS3


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Chinese Music:

Year 8 Unit Spring Term Chinese Music Chinese Music



Chinese Culture :

Chinese Culture The Chinese Culture is one of the world’s oldest and most complex cultures. The Chinese believe that music is an expression of harmony that exists among heaven, earth and man. Despite this, until recently, it was frowned upon to play music just for fun! But now the enjoyment of both playing and listening to music is available to everyone.

Chinese Culture :

Chinese Culture Buddhism is the main Religion in China Some people thought music should be reserved for Buddhist worship and meditation.


Instruments Erhu Dizi Guqin Pipa Gu

Chinese Culture:

Chinese Culture In China the number five is sacred. They believe there are five elements- earth, fire, wood, metal and water. Many Chinese tunes are composed from a scale of only five notes (most scales have eight) Like a PENTAgon has five sides this scale is called the PENTAtonic . PENTA = 5 Tonic (as in tone) = Notes

Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year Chinese New Year this year is on the 26 th of January

Mind Map Task:

Mind Map Task Chinese Music Instruments Pipa Dizi Festival Dragon Dance New Year Erhu Look at this example: Religous Music Buddhism Number 5

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